Daniel Ricciardo Race Series

Sponsor Name: Paul Nelson

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Daniel Ricciardo Race Series 2024 & beyond

At 10 years old, it is our mission to continue to grow and develop Micah’s driving skills to help him become the best racer he can be. We’re passionate about giving everyone the chance to develop their full potential. With that in mind we actively seek and encourage support and advice from anyone, and everyone involved in the sport to help us learn and develop along the way in this quite rewarding adventure.
Micah’s Karting Journey began as a 9th Birthday present indoors at a local track and we quickly discovered that karting was something Micah really enjoyed! Over the following months, Micah became one of the fastest Cadets racers and indeed he achieved ‘Advanced Driver’ and won his first Cadet League Race series making the podium on every race . . . the rest, they say is history.

Micah’s first Race series Outdoor Karting started after only a few weeks outdoor experience.

Excellent racing from Micah overall against Cadets with significantly more race experience and finished a credible 5th place out of 20 racers!

Target Audience

Anyone in and around Motor Sport who loves the thrill of racing :)

Key Dates and Timings

Our first Daniel Ricciardo Series starting in February 2024 with an Academy Day and we're hopeful with some generous support, that we can race the Daniel Ricciardo Race Series which runs March-October 2024. There is of course Daytona Milton Keynes and Daytona Tamworth which will form the basis of our regular racing . . . We're looking ahead to 2025 too, so why not join us for the journey.

Specific Opportunity Details

Your Support
Karting can be an expensive sport, but luckily there are very good championships based around 'arrive and drive' set ups, so no costly investment in Karts, trailers, Mechanics etc.
Example: DRS Daniel Ricciardo Series is an 8 Race series across the UK, with practice days too. Then there is travel & accommodation, with Races are held right across the Country at the best Karting tracks in the UK. Did I mention karting gear – hopefully proudly promoting our Sponsor?

'Sponsorship' options are as flexible as any potential Sponsor is unique.
A full Daniel Ricciardo Race Series is likely to cost £4,500 - £5,500
A full year of Racing at Daytona/Club 100/GKL:UK (electric karts) supplementing the above will cost £5,000 - £6,500

Total: c. £12,000 for a full year and we hope to explore owning a Daniel Ricciardo Kart in 2025 which is the year Micah will be able to drive a junior kart the DRS100, so the journey will be 2 years or more.

We pledge to create plenty of opportunities to promote proudly our sponsors across the entire UK.

Features and Benefits

Typical Race Series exposure over the course 16 days at Daniel Ricciardo Races and would over the course of 2024 involve approximately 50+ visits to Daytona race circuits across the country, on separate days with exposure to as many as 75+ Cadet & Junior racers and even Bambino Racers (covering ages from 6-15 years) Family and Friends as well as the Senior Racers often amounting to a further 100 people.

Full Race commentary throughout each Race (Daniel Ricciardo Races shown on the DRS Youtube channel.
Company Logo embroidered on all Race kit
Prize giving and Presentations & Brand exposure after each race
Full Report and photo's on the Daytona Website and Instagram
Race of Champions Invitation
Full Exposure on Micah-Racing Website
Promotional exposure on Micah's Face Book Page
Posting on Micah's LinkedIn Page
Videos added to our YouTube Channel
Video shown on Micahracing TikTok channel
Local/National Promotions and Demonstrations
Local & Regional Press Coverage

Other Partners

www.micah-racing.co.uk our recently set up website with plenty of space for Partner/sponsorship Support. We welcome any guidance as we see this as a mutually beneficial partnership.


A comprehensive Daniel Ricciardo Race Series supplemented with Daytona/Club100 racing (possibly GKL:UK electric karts) and training/practice can easily cost £12,000 over the course of the first year, plus travel and accommodation, but we would be very grateful for any level of support, so please get in touch and let’s have a chat.