Daisy’s Amygdala

Sponsor Name: Zakaria Elbahi

Location: UK National

Sector: Film

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Elbahi Studios are looking for sponsorship to support their team as they plan the production of Daisy’s Amygdala.


Our team has been built over 5 years of navigating the indie film industry. We’re a tight knit group of passionate individuals with years of combined experience managing productions, people, and problems. We’ve tasked ourselves with a new challenge, to produce the first feature episode in a three part limited series. All in only 21 days on set. We pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to working with micro budgets and limited time, it brings the best out of us. Finding comprehensive but simple solutions to complex problems on set is what we do best, and our team has worked from the ground up to plan the production of Daisy’s Amygdala.


Target Audience

Primarily female, and male audiences from 21-50. People interested in romantic psychological horror, and unique viewing experiences.

Key Dates and Timings

Our current aim is to film in July 2024 and release the full production by October or December 2024.

Specific Opportunity Details

Where does your brand come into this? The film industry is a space for collaboration, creativity, and a unique opportunity to get eyes on your brand. We offer bespoke opportunities to mould your brand’s image on screen, access new audiences, and engage in film advertising like never before.

Features and Benefits

What is your brand paying for? This bit is simple, so far we've seen slow but steady success with pre production on this project. All funding from this point on is directly, and exclusively paying for the salaries of staff, crew, and cast. Make your mark on the film industry, advertise your brand, and invest in emerging creatives.

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Other Info

We're currently in the processes of securing SEIS tax relief benefits for sponsors and investors behind this production.