Crookz United – Football Club

Sponsor Name: Crookz United

Location: London

Sector: Football, Sports

Budget: Under 10k

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Crookz United seek sponsorship for their newly formed football club to help them climb the ranks of English Football


Crookz United is a newly formed football club that was created in September 2020. The club was created with ambitions of climbing up the ranks of English football. During this journey we hope to recruit and develop talented players at the club and also provide exposure for these players, helping them achieve their goals of becoming professional footballers.

Our very first season as a club is coming to an end and has been a success despite the challenges present by covid-19. We have managed to assemble a squad of talented, hardworking and hungry individuals. The current squad consist of players  aged 17-24 some of which are former academy footballers looking to get back in the game to progress to the highest level possible. Crookz narrowly missed out on winning the ILFL premier division 20/21 finishing in 2nd place which is testament to the quality of players we have at the club. For the 21/22 season we plan to join step 7 of non-league football which will kick of our ambitions of climbing up the non-league pyramid and will also massively raise the profile of the club.

Key Dates and Timings

Sponsorship is required preferably before the start of the season in August and will last for a minimum of one season. Longer term relationships/extensions are welcomed.

Specific Opportunity Details

The club is constantly growing in popularity as our positive performances on the field catch the eyes of football clubs, coaches and sports agencies.

We currently have social media profiles on Instagram and twitter that were recently created.

We have plans to boost our social media following by posting content on our YouTube channel starting from next season, uploading match highlights and BTS content as many football fans enjoy watching these types of videos and is a great way to gain fans.

Examples of clubs that have followed this model includes SE dons, Baiteze and hashtag united who all receive thousands of views on a weekly basis. Furthermore, posting our goals/skills highlights to platforms such as Instagram and tiktok often creates a buzz amongst the football community and get re shared to major football accounts such as 433, grassroot goals, rootztv on Instagram all of which have over 200K followers.

Features and Benefits

Sponsor’s logo will be printed on our kits.

Over the course of a season this will be seen by thousands of people as we compete in cup competitions against teams all across London and upload footage to YouTube, Instagram and tiktok.

The club will also be participating in cup competitions The logo will also feature in all our posters that get uploaded to twitter and Instagram.

The club is eager to have a positive impact on the careers of our young players by bringing them exposure and also the ability to develop their skills as we seek to join competitive leagues such as the Essex Alliance league. Sponsoring Crookz united ensures we are able to sustain the club for the foreseeable future to achieve our goals.

Other Partners

No other partners at the moment.


£500 - £3000