Costello Huskies

Sponsor Name: Costello Huskies 

Location: East Riding of Yorkshire

Sector: Football, Sports, Womens Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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Costello Huskies – U11’s Costello Huskies girls football team needing sponsorship


Hello, we are a U11’s girls football team. We are called the Costello Huskies and we are located in Hull, East Yorkshire. We currently have 16 girls under the age of 11 registered on our team. We are a newly affiliated team since June 2018 and we do not have any sponsors at present. Just hoping that someone with a company out there can offer us some spare cash to get the girls some training clothing etc.

We would be happy to put company name/logos on kits as we are hoping to personalise the jackets with the club name and also the sponsor name (if required). I will also share via social media and send pics to the sponsor so they could also use them. We play games in Hull and the East Riding areas so this would enable us to advertise the sponsor’s name in these areas too.

Target Audience


Key Dates and Timings

Any duration required

Specific Opportunity Details

Sponsorship is required for training clothing needed now and any other bits for the team. We have 16 girls registered in our team.

Features and Benefits

Branding Advertising
Social media sharing

Other Partners

We do not have any other brands on board as we are a new team affiliated (June 2018)


We are looking for around £300 to buy the girls some winter training jackets and have the clubs logo put on them. We will also look at putting the sponsor's name on the jacket also. We are seeking this as a one off but we welcome long term support too. If you would like to offer us a sponsorship or would like to offer us something different – please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss this.