Coppatrek 100km through the Indian Himalayas

Sponsor Name: katie chown

Location: South West

Sector: Not For Profit

Budget: Under 10k

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Seeking £1000 match funding to raise funds for Coppafeel!, the charity that helps earlier diagnosis for young people with breast cancer. Early diagnosis is key for a better outcome when you develop breast cancer under the age of 40, and as it is so prevalent nowadays, it’s about time more of us survived it! I’m 6 years since diagnosis, still in treatment for my aggressive little nugget, but I’m determined to trek the Himalayas to raise £3850 for others who weren’t as lucky as me.

Target Audience

All people with breast tissue (i.e. everyone!) under the age of 40, fun and adventurous and all over the world.

Key Dates and Timings

The journey to Himalayas starts 9 November and I'll be home 17 November 2024, 5 days of which will be spent with very basic amenities as we trek 100km along the mountains, approx 3000m up.
Match funding is ideally required by August, but can be flexible.

Specific Opportunity Details

I will be documenting my training treks along the South West Coast path, on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Strava. I also work at a charity for disadvantaged young people, teaching them life skills through watersports so that audience of thousands will not escape my shouting about this very challenging challenge, especially as I will be torturing myself with cold water challenges to raise more awareness.

Features and Benefits

In return I will plaster you all over me, write PR articles (I'm a marketing manager by trade) and hopefully get on ITV with my story. I can write blogs for your own content use and put you on clothing I sell through my store ( If you're local to me, I can come and give a talk to your team or send a video message. If you're in Cornwall, I can arrange a watersports session for your team on a freshwater lake...



Other Info

My mum is the match funder. She really doesn't want me to go on this trek, knowing I'm not the outdoorsy or exercising type, so she's offered to match fund £1000 (the sale of her car) if I don't do anything like this again!