Combat Sports League

Sponsor Name: Ali Waheed

Location: UK National

Sector: Boxing

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Combat Sports League is looking for sponsorship for their positively impacting events.


Combat Sports League all stemmed from just an idea to work with our future generation more and keep our communities safe. CSL organises boxing events to inspire youth to get into sport and learn valuable life skills to then use out in society. The first show was back in August 18th 2018 where Combat Sports League raised funds to support families affected during the Syrian conflict as well as raise donations for the local beloved Woking Hospice.

Since then CSL organised their second show right after for December 1st 2018 to raise donations for the Poppy Appeal as well as launch its campaign #KnivesDownGlovesUp to help raise awareness on the rise of knife crime in its communities. The event was a huge success since it brought lots of positive attention from our youth who turned up in their large numbers on a Saturday night. Combat Sports League have now organised multiple national events to keep the youth engaged, keeping them out of trouble and working with them on a 1 to 1 level to help them reach their potential via job searching or academically. At the same time, they can use their energy in a sport that keeps them happy, healthy and stress free while the same time disciplined.

Our mission it to provide community boxing; to promote boxing, health and the wellbeing without distinction of race, gender, political and or religious belief. Our purpose is to make a significant impact on the local communities’ health and lifestyle and to provide outlets for young people to develop and participate in the local community.
To harness the power of sport as a driver of personal and community advancement.

CSL’s vision increase social cohesion and integration with the personal development of every individual by bringing together people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in a common pursuit and we are aiming to promote fitness, discipline, friendship, fair play and respect for all the community and particularly young people. To enable young people to develop and participate in the local community and to improve the self-confidence of young people and reduce fear of crime. To increase quality of life by providing a constructive alternative to anti-social behaviour such as drugs and alcohol abuse and to provide positive role models and social inclusion from interaction with our coaching staff and other young people.

The company’s goal is to be able to replicate this platform into other parts of the UK to help communities unite, reduce the number of youths on the streets and build their confidence. Platforms like these give communities an opportunity to come up with campaign and charity causes to participate in locally. CSL’s Press Conference set ups can help participants express themselves more to the public.

CSL also would have 8-week training camps established in the area to help anyone who wants to prepare better for their boxing match. We believe we need to support our youth more, so by doing this we constantly work on a 1 to 1 basis with them to check how they’re feeling and to aid in any help they may require personally or academically. We also help some youths find jobs to build their skills and boost their confidence.

We also plan to visit schools/colleges to raise awareness on knife crime and mental health with the use of our boxing platform. Since we don’t sell alcohol in our shows the company gives out more of a family event persona where youths are welcomed to come and see the excitement without the worry of age restrictions, this increases our engagement with them and helps the youth feel more welcomed into society.


Target Audience

Sports, Male/Female, 16-50, Boxing, Combat Sports Events, Highly Social, Networking. Nation & worldwide audience as our events are streamed online on PPV.

Key Dates and Timings

18th February 2023

Our cut of period for sponsorships is 15/01/2023 due to lead times to get logos printed in and around the ring as well as banners etc for press conferences and weigh in events.

Packages last per event

Specific Opportunity Details

Event: CSL8
Location: Leeds
Venue: John Charles Stadium
Date: 18th Feb 2023
Capacity: 3000

Our network is worldwide thanks to our broadcast deal with world renowned company Fite TV which allows us to have a reach of 1-3 million audience.

This is a huge opportunity for companies to enhance their brand awareness, create more leads and build potentially new network channels thanks to our fantastic online media production team.

Features and Benefits


Bronze: £2000

- Dedicated poster to be posted on all online social media channels.
- X2 VIP Tickets.
- Distribution of leaflets at Fight Night/Press Conference events

Silver: £3500

- All of Bronze Package.
- x3 VIP Tickets.
- Featured promotional video posted on all social media channels.
- Company stand area provided during Fight Night event.
- Company shout-out from Boxing Host on Fight Night. (Company logo for Sponsored fight inc logo on YouTube Channel)
- Opportunity to give out trophies to Winners/Runners up on Fight Night. (Prelim & Main Card only)
- Small logo on boxing ring canvas.
- Small logo on promotional banner.

Gold: £5000

- All of Silver Package.
- x5 VIP Tickets
- Large logo on boxing ring canvas.
- Large logo on promotional banner.
- Large logo on Press Conference nametags.
- Large logo on boxing ring toblerone's.
- Large logo on boxing ring corners.
- Company logo at press conferences
- Dedicated post on all social media channels (up to x2 pre & post Fight Night event.
- Opportunity to give out the CSL Championship belts for all title fights.
- Sports commentator shout-out on Fight Night.
- Large Logo on all Title fight posters.

Other Partners

Fite TV
Creams Deserts
Money Expert


Either cash or BACs investments are accepted, all based on what package is selected.

Other Info

We plan to run 12 shows a year in 3 regions, North, Midlands and South. We aim to become one of the biggest established names in White Collar Boxing.