Clothes Cycle

Sponsor Name: Poppy Collingwood-Cameron

Location: UK National

Sector: Events

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Clothes Cycle are looking for sponsorship to support their pop up thrift markets as they aim to make sustainable fashion available to everyone.


Clothes Cycle – Who are we?

We are the UK’s biggest thrift market.

Clothes Cycle Markets: Where sustainability meets affordability, fashion, and community! We are the ultimate pop-up market, dedicated to redefining the shopping experience while promoting a greener, more stylish world. Our large-scale events are more than just markets; they’re unforgettable experiences. Immerse yourself in the world of fashion, indulge in delectable street food, sip on handcrafted cocktails, groove to live music, and unleash your creativity through art classes

Our mission:

At Clothes Cycle Market, we take pride in curating the largest collection of 1000s of unique garments and accessories that are not just trendy but environmentally responsible. Our mission is to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone, proving that you can look fantastic without harming the planet or your wallet. But we’re more than just a shopping destination – we’re a vibrant community hub! We’re redefining fashion with a conscience

About Clothes Cycle
ClothesCycle is a sustainable fashion and accessories brand created by university student Poppy Collingwood-Cameron in 2022. The company has captured the innovation and entrepreneurship that surfaced among gen-z during covid, many of whom set up the small business selling pre-loved and sustainable clothing during Covid. The brand is all about sustainability, affordability, fashion and community! Larger events not only feature 1000s of unique garments and accessories, but offer beauty treatments, street-food, music, cocktails, art classes and much more…


Target Audience

Our events appeal to those interested in Fashion and/or sustainability. We appeal to creatives and those who value their individuality. Our community is made up largely of students, with 80% of attendees falling in the 18-25 demographic. The split is 65% female and 45% male.

Key Dates and Timings

We are planning on hosting events in Newcastle, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and London this year. Dates are being confirmed over the next couple of weeks as we conclude our venue viewings. We have just hosted in Manchester (1st October).

Specific Opportunity Details

Why us?
-The UK's biggest thrift market. We host 100-150 sellers, depending on location, making us the UK’s largest thrift market. We hire out some of the biggest venues nationwide, as we need a minimum of 30,000 square feet to host our events.
-Within just running 5 events, we have grown from 17 sellers and 300 attendees, to consistently achieving 100+ sellers and 2000+ attendees. Our growth is rapid, and there is clearly a massive demand for this kind of shopping experience. Join now and be part of the sustainable fashion revolution.
-Engaged audience: Our attendees stay all day, and don’t just pop in as it is a ticketed event and designed to be a full day out (through the addition of food, drink and activities alongside shopping). This creates an engaged audience and when we do giveaways, hand out free tote bags or give out vouchers, our attendees are extremely receptive. For example, at our last market, we had people queuing at 9:30 am in the rain to get free tote bags (when the market opened at 11am). Experiential marketing would be very effective at engaging customers at our events.
-Potential for ongoing partnership: 8-10 more markets in the coming year. Each market attracts 2,000 attendees, but by the end of the year, we are hoping to increase this number to 3000 per event.
-Locations: Bristol, Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham
-Unparalleled access to the nationwide community of Gen-Z sustainable fashion lovers and creatives.

-Therefore, you can expect a combined audience of 18,000- 27,000 across events (with huge additional audience via social media and marketing). Each market being a new location, you can expect 90% of attendees to be new customers.
-Emails: already have over 7500 contacts, with each market this will increase by at least 2000
-social media: over 6000 followers on Instagram, we have seen a growth of over 25% per event. We hope to hist 10k by Christmas.
- 65% female, 45% male
-80% Gen-z

-Handing out flyers in person. Last event we handed out over 3000 flyers
-Door to door flyering. We will be handing out 10,000 flyers per event.
-Instagram/ Facebook ad spend of 1-1.5k per event (aiming to grow this to 3k for coming markets)
-Over 13,000 website event page visits per event (we also list on Eventbrite and Skiddle generating an additional 14% of ticket sales/ event page visits).
-Starting Google ads with a budget of 1k per event
-Influencers campaigns: we offer free tickets to influencers. Last event we had over 10 influencers accept our free tickets and attend, with Several also attending of free will. It becomes easier to attract influencers after each event and as we grow. Our events offer a great place for fashion content for Instagram and TikTok.
-Press releases: For each event, we work with an experienced P.R specialist to create enticing and successful press releases
-We have been featured in many publications including, but not limited to: The Sun online, Mirror online, Wales online, The Manc, Visit Manchester, Manchester Live, London Daily News, London-tv, London on the Inside, London Reviews, In Your Area, Flipboard, What's On In City of London, Bindy Street, London x London, Irish News, Ireland Live, US Times Post, Hull Daily Mail
- Instagram accounts: For each event we purchase promotional content from Student Meme pages, as we find they have an extremely high rate of engagement and work well for us.
-Universities societies: We contact creative/ fashion societies from the universities in our event city, and offer them discount codes for their members to attend. Universities often have thrifting, fashion and sustainability-focused societies.
-Content creation: Our aim this coming year is to invest in content creation and grow our TikTok and Instagram platforms. We have begun doing interviews at our events, in order to spark conversations about topics such as fashion trends. Also, we have begun hiring professional videographers and photographers to attend the events.
-Giveaways- We always create a cash giveaway before each event. Usually have around 700 entries to our giveaways. All people enter the giveaway by tagging friends and sharing their stories.
-Word of mouth: we pride ourselves on creating a completely unique and unforgettable day that causes a stir. This attracts a natural growth market on the market.
-‘Instagrammable event’: from super unique locations, to amazing fashion finds and delicious streetfood… our events create a great opportunity for content creation. This means after the event we are tagged in loads of Tiktoks, reels and Instagram posts.
-Email and text marketing: We have over 7500 contacts.

Previous sponsors

Finds - video reselling app
Name app- sustainable shopping app

Features and Benefits

Sponsorship types

Lead sponsor (gold package): £15,000
-Up to 30 VIP Passes per event to hand out at your discretion
-Lead sponsor across all of our events this year (8-10)
-Brand will be visible across all events.
-Rewards: Join your brand to Clothes cycle
-Logo highlighted in all supports (web, posters, flyers, market map…). Bigger and more prominent than any other sponsors.
-Logo highlighted in all email marketing
-Logo highlighted in all Facebook and Instagram marketing
-Mentions across social medias and in press releases sent to the media and in the acknowledgements prior to, and after each event.
-Areas/spaces that you can take advantage at each event (either have your own stand/ shop or host an activity/ panel… completely up to you)
-Right to distribute promotional material and product placement (e.g stand or tent, add products/ vouchers to goody bags)
-Joint giveaway/ giveaways with us leading up to or at the event
-Access to all areas. Direct contact with attendees. Right to record videos and content.
-In addition, you have our spaces where you can carry out any commercial action that favours your brand. Tell us your ideas and we can find a way to adapt your proposals.
-Feature in our main promotional video for each event

Regional sponsor (silver package): £1000 per event
-15 VIP passes per event to hand out at your discretion
-Choose specific locations/events to sponsor
-Mentions across social media and in press releases sent to the media and in the acknowledgements prior to, and after each event.
-Logo highlighted in all supports (web, posters, flyers, market map…)
-Right to distribute promotional material and product placement (e.g stand or tent, add products/ vouchers to goody bags)
-Joint giveaway/ giveaways with us leading up to or at the event
-Access to all areas. Direct contact with attendees. Right to record videos and content.
-Feature in our main promotional video for each event

Exhibition space (bronze package): price varies, contact us
-Create your own content in a blank exhibition space.
-Logo on web and mention in event listings
-One Instagram post leading up to the event
-Feature in our main promotional video from event
-We provide power, wifi, and 6 complimentary VIP passes to hand out at your discretion.
-You are free to curate and brand the space with your own signage, graphics or AV.
-The shops are available in a range of sizes starting from 3 x 3m
-Empty hire. Lower rates for start-ups.

Wholesale vintage clothing sponsor: contact for price
-We have over 100 sellers of vintage/ preloved clothing per event. At our last event, we had 120 and 80 additional applications that we couldn’t accommodate.
-We could offer you access to our sellers by entering the event early (an hour before we open) to speak to sellers and hand out our flyers.
-We could offer you a stand at the event, as many of our attendees are sellers/ aspiring sellers.
-We could also include your brand and a discount code in an email to all our sellers/ aspiring sellers across all events (up to 2000 by the end of the year).
-5 VIP tickets to the event

Drink sponsor- in-kind/cash (price on request)
-We offer the opportunity for a drinks sponsor in two forms.
1) Cash: Offer you the chance to be the lead mixer at our event or even run a branded bar that only serves your mixer/alcohol (contact for price)
OR (we are open to a mix or both)
2) In-kind: offer us a minimum of 600 drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to give out as freebies to our VIP ticket purchasers.

In-kind sponsor (experiences)
-For many of our venues we require a sound system and PA equipment. Donation of equipment for use at an event.
-Food/products for goody bags. We like to offer the first 150 attendees a goody bag.
Both types of sponsorship will benefit from:
-Logo on web and mention in event listings
-One Instagram post leading up to the event
-Feature in our main promotional video from the event/events you sponsor
-10 VIP passes to the event
-Right to distribute some pre-agreed promotional material.
-1 Joint giveaway with us either leading up to or at the event
-Access to all areas. Direct contact with attendees. Right to record videos and content.
-Feature in our main promotional video for each event
-We are keen to discuss any ideas of your own

Ticketing partner- £4500

-Sponsorship of our ticketing platform
-Your brand will be featured on all comms with attendees for all events this year

Other Partners

We currently have no ongoing partnerships.


Variable depending on sponsorship type. We are looking for both cash and in kind sponsors.

Other Info

Please contact us for specific event dates and locations.