City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy

Sponsor Name: Sam Smith

Location: North East

Sector: Gymnastics

Budget: Under 10k

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City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy are seeking sponsorship for their Junior Women Teamgym Team after being selected to represent Great Britain at the Mid European Teamgym Championship 2023.


City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy provides quality facilities and the development of gymnastics throughout the North of England. The Gymnastics Academy creates the best opportunities, inspires and develops gymnasts for all abilities. The recreational classes develop a variety of basic gymnastics skills in a fun environment. The gymnasts work through specially designed CNGA award scheme where they can gain badges and certificates as they progress from award 6 to 1 before moving onto our BSG Award Scheme. All children in recreational classes must be at school full time in reception or above. Any younger we have Pre-School classes available as well as our Family Drop In Session.

The recreational classes are based upon fun gymnastics but provide access pathways for those with potential to other disciplines within the club such as Artistic, TeamGym and Cheerleading. Adult gymnastics is for participants aged 18 years and over. It is great fun and a great way to keep fit for all abilities. If you are 16+ and hold a BG membership you are also welcome to join in. Adult gymnastics is based in the recreational side of the gym for the warm up, with full use of the gymnastics facilities for the remainder of the session. Coaches are on hand for advice and guidance throughout the session.

Our gym hosting 4 performance elite disciplines: Men’s Artistic, Women’s Aritistic, TeamGym and General Gymnastics.

Popularised in the 70’s by elfin-like stars such as Olga Korbut and Nadia Comaneci, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics remains one of biggest crowd pleasers and most watched sports at the Olympic games. It’s fascination and popularity amongst girls of all ages lies in it’s ability to provide constant challenge and teach body control, coordination, amplitude and courage. It was the sport of choice for the UK’s most decorated gymnast, Beth Tweddle, who began the sport at an early age yet continues to thrill audiences the world over, with her ability to innovate and prove that age is no barrier to participation and success. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is the sport of choice for girls who love turning their world upside down, in more ways than one.

You think football is tough? Try being the master of six pieces of apparatus, each different to the other and requiring a combination of strength, mobility, endurance, flexibility, body control and co-ordination. The physique of an elite male gymnast says it all – years of hard work and dedication. Roles models like three-time Olympic medalist Louis Smith began the sport at a young age, drawn to the thrill of learning new ‘tricks’, being with his friends and keeping out of trouble. Sound familiar? With loads of physical activity, balanced with fun and excitement to test the craziest of thrill seeker, Men’s Artistic Gymnastics has something to keep every lad challenged.

TeamGym competitions demonstrate gymnastic skills in three different disciplines, Floor, Trampette and Tumbling. All 3 require effective team work, excellent technique in the elements and spectacular acrobatic elements. The TeamGym competition generates an excellent spirit and atmosphere. The event is attractive and exciting for spectators, the media, as well as sponsors.

It is important all young people and adults alike are aware and have the opportunity to be involved in sports. Gymnastics is a fabulous sport which gives all over physical fitness. It is important members of the public know about and have access to these facilities.


Target Audience

Sports people of all ages who are interested in gymnastics or could be interested in gymnastics and the opportunities it can provide as well as the health benefits.

Key Dates and Timings

Mid Europeans TeamGym Championships
Italy will host the first Mid European TeamGym Championships from 16-19th November 2023.
This event will follow a similar format to the Nordics, with Senior & Junior Club Teams selected to represent their countries.
CNGA Junior Women's Squad has been selected by British Gymnastics to represent Great Britain.
This is a team of 12 gymnasts aged 14-17.
We are looking for any support to get these girls to Italy and to stay from the 16th-20th November 2023.
They fly from Newcastle to Italy.
They stay in the Sports Village at the Mid Europeans TeamGym Championships.
We are looking for support for our girls with clothing, kit, flights and accommodation and general promotion of the sport.

Specific Opportunity Details

TeamGym – group gymnastics at its best
TeamGym is a team competition for men and women, which includes routines being performed on three pieces of apparatus: floor, trampette and a tumbling track.

As a natural extension of artistic gymnastics, TeamGym competitions provide a great opportunity for those gymnasts not wishing to take part in all six (men’s artistic) or four (women’s artistic) gymnastics, to work as part of a team.

TeamGym competitions may consist of three categories: women, men and mixed teams. In each of the three categories a team may consist of between 6 to 12 gymnasts.

TeamGym routines require effective teamwork, excellent technique and spectacular acrobatic elements. Training and competitions generate an excellent team spirit amongst gymnasts with routines providing great entertainment and spectacle for participants and spectators.

TeamGym competition has its roots in Scandinavia where it has been a major event for more than 20 years. The Euroteam competition, a recent addition to the European Union of Gymnastics (UEG) calendar, was first held in Finland in 1996 and now takes place in even-numbered years.

Gymnasts taking part in TeamGym competitions will perform routines (programmes) on the following pieces of apparatus:-

Teams perform an optional floor routine within a 14 x 20 metre non-sprung floor area. The routine is accompanied by instrumental music and emphasises strong and smooth teamwork and expressive presentation.

A typical floor routine will consist predominantly of gymnastic elements and meticulous choreography. The choice of elements must suit the level and maturity of the team as well as the music. The aim is good technical performance, fluent and linked movements, and certainty of synchronisation as well as expressive presentation.

Teams perform a series of somersaults and twists from a trampette, with good streaming (consecutively and close to each other). Part of the trampette series is performed using a vaulting table.

Again the complete series is performed to music, with each team performing three different rounds. The streaming and complexity of the elements produces some very exciting performances.

Tumbling Track
Teams perform a tumbling series on a 14 metre tumbling track with good streaming. This produces a very dynamic and entertaining performance.

The series is performed to music. Each team performs three different rounds and each tumbling series must consist of at least three different acrobatic elements, without intermediate steps.

TeamGym is the perfect way to extend or support the participation of other gymnastics disciplines. It provides a great way to keep in shape and maintain skills and fitness with friends. That is why it is growing in popularity.

The Club has about 120 Team gymnasts in various Teams.
The Junior Women have been selected to represent Great Britain at the Mid European Teamgym Championships 2023.
This is a fantastic opportunity for the club and the region as predominantly the clubs are situated in the Southern half of the country.
Partners should be involved as there are 12 young athletes that have been provided with the opportunity of a lifetime for their sports.

Features and Benefits

Would benefit from branding and advertising we will use to promote the event through local media and national media. There would be advertising opportunities throughout the event with our team and within our club. We would do any promotional work we could. Using social media and other media.

Other Partners

British Gymnastics but do not provide any funding. It is the organisation that supports and runs the event.


We are just looking for any investment. We estimate a total figure of £15000.00 but would appreciate any financial support.

Other Info

We are the first team from the North of England to represent Great Britain in this up and coming branch of gymnastics.
The club hosts classes to over 1000 participants a week. It is hugely popular in the city.
We want to attract more young people from an early age and provide them with fantastic opportunities.