Chilly Man – Project 2

Sponsor Name: Virginie Guillaume

Location: Scotland

Sector: Events

Budget: Under 10k

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Chilly Man – Project 2 is a one day festival and they are looking for sponsorship to transform the location into an unforgettable experience.


I would like to introduce you our “Chilly Man – Project 2”, it is a one day festival taking place on Cramond Island, a privately owned island just West of Edinburgh. We would love for you to be involved in transforming this unique location, accessible at low tide via a scenic causeway, into an immersive festival experience for this one day, invite only event.

This year Chilly Man will take place on the 22 of July 12pm through to 12AM/1AM, the event will consist of live music, DJs, entertainment, food and drinks throughout the afternoon and evening under the theme of Glitter Viking. Due to the high tide in the afternoon, the 300-400 planned attendees, aged 25-40, are expected to remain on the island for the duration of the event, thereby creating a ‘captive audience’ ideal for the sale of goods and interactions with your brand.

The event will have a free bar as well as other possible installations which present excellent opportunities to display offer your drinks or material, activities you may wish in order to promote your brand. We also welcome brands that want to bring and construct their own installation.

One last thing to mention is the lead up to the event, during which we will be offering sponsorship displays on our website, Instagram and Facebook event page. Please have a look on our webpage which is almost ready:

If this sounds like something that could be of interest as an opportunity then it would be great to discuss further.


Target Audience

Working in London and Edinburgh from middle class to high class. Interested in music, food, travel + sports. Ages 25 - 40.

Key Dates and Timings

22 of July
From 12pm to 1am

Specific Opportunity Details

It will be around 300-400 people between 25 and 40 years old.
We have a website as well as an Instagram page.
This the second edition.

Features and Benefits

View on our Instagram page + website. Sponsor will also get the chance to demonstrate their product/company during the festival.

Other Partners

Reserve Royal, Free star
Tribe, Mar Gin, Bellfield Brewery


10K and/or food and drinks.

Other Info

This is a unique event as it is an island. The festival is only accessible at low tigh so it would be an unique opportunity for sponsor. We also want to give some benefits too.