Charnwood Boxing Academy

Sponsor Name: Patrick Booth

Location: London

Sector: Boxing

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Charnwood Boxing Academy are seeking sponsorship to support funds for a minibus so the athletes have the opportunity to compete across the country.


Charnwood Boxing Academy is a new club but the young talent connected to the club are exceptional and destined for greatness with the right support. Over the past year and a half the boys have been moved from club to club and have not been given the support then needed from the past teams. I am the parent of one of the young boys and I am so grateful and thankful to another parent ‘Patrick Booth’ who has taken it upon himself to sort out a new location and become a fully trained coach and judge so that the boys can have a healthy and stable support network to enable their dreams to become a reality.

Patrick has also bought a second hand ring and other equipment (so much more is needed) for the club out of his pension savings and he does not charge the boys to train at the club.
We are seeking sponsorship of a minibus or funds to purchase one (so the boys can take part in competitions all over the country, many of the boys come from homes that are financially struggling and parents can’t afford to pay for travel etc), essential equipment and a kit that the boys can be proud to train in.

As we know the world is becoming harder for our young men and keeping them off the streets and giving them a stable foundation to go out into the real world is essential, not just for them but for society. We would appreciate any form of support whether that be a one off time or ongoing and we know that you will be proud to be a part of the great story of ‘Charnwood’.

Charnwood is not just about boxing, we want our kids to be happy and healthy, mentally and physically.


Target Audience

We appeal to most as boxing is a great British sport which includes whole households.

Key Dates and Timings

We would like sponsorship asap as we need to get a minibus for the boys to take part in the up and coming matches etc. right now they have basic training equipment so the quicker we can secure sponsorship the better.

Specific Opportunity Details

We are a new team and have just started our journey on social media etc. Any partner that gets involved will be with us from the beginning and will benefit from our loyalty and also being a part of the journey of at least one England champion.

Features and Benefits

We are open to offer any of the above as we will be so grateful for the support and in turn would want to give back in anyway possible, we are partners at the end of the day.

Other Partners

None at the moment.


We are in need of a minibus, equipment and kit. We do not expect to get from one sponsorship (that would be great) min £7k

Other Info

We are a humble club but we know what potential our team has and we are extremely excited for their future.