ChaosBros racing’s – Drag Racing Team

Sponsor Name: ChaosBros racing's

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport, Sports

Budget: Budget Varies

Social Links

ChaosBros racing’s has multiple championship winning/ record holding race car


ChaosBros racing’s are looking for help to better their already very successful and popular racing team.. either financially or services, such as help with parts and consumable items or even storage space for their racing equipment.. all offers considered no matter how small in exchange they can help you expand your business audience.. advertising space available on the car and in the paddock..

Target Audience

Drag racing is a growing sport in England and Europe, it is being recognised by people of all ages, our Facebook page is growing and our popularity at the races is huge

Key Dates and Timings

We have 5 race events a year in the UK.. with the opportunity to travel to European races

Specific Opportunity Details

Our fan base is large and is constantly growing. We are known all over Europe, events are televised, covered by social media and spectra numbers are in the tens of thousands

Features and Benefits

Benefits of sponsorship..
The event coverage is huge and televised worldwide..
Tens of thousands of spectators at events..
Event tickets and behind the scenes access
Social media coverage worldwide

Other Partners

We have some consumables support from FORCH


We are looking for anything you can offer that may be of help to us

Other Info

Multiple championship winner..
European record holder
One of the most popular cars at the track