Carrubbers Football Club

Sponsor Name: Jake Morris

Location: Scotland

Sector: Football

Budget: Budget Varies

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Carrubbers Football Club are seeking sponsorship to support their club as they aim to have a positive impact on their community.


Carrubbers Football Club is not like any other football club, we set out to be more than football. We believe that we can have a meaningful impact on society as a culturally distinctive, difference-making community that demonstrates God’s glory in its actions and values. Football is a means by which we don’t simply tell people the gospel. We show it to them.

How do we do this?

By following our three core spiritual, social and sporting objectives. We are spiritually directed in showing players they are loved by God as demonstrated in the gospel. Socially invested in loving players for who they are and facilitating a safe environment for them to enjoy sport and build relationships. Sportingly oriented in our love of football and aspire to on-field success. We have been very thankful to God for allowing the ministry to flourish, and we are at a key stage now as we look to develop further.

Here is what sponsorship could do:

– Allow those team members in financial difficulty to play at reduced or no cost

– Free up time for the club’s leadership to develop short, medium and long-term projects, notably a player care and welfare program to help address the mental health crisis among young men.

…and this only scratches the surface.

We understand you may not be in a position to give at this time. However, we implore you to consider supporting our work. Be assured that you will not simply be funding another run-of-the-mill football club. You are investing in work that proclaims the glory of God and endeavours to change people’s lives. We also understand that you may not share our club’s Christian values. However, we aim to help make a difference to people’s lives, regardless of their beliefs.

Thank you for reading our story.


Target Audience

Male 18-50, Social, Interest in Sport and Community Initiatives

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship lasts from the agreed start date until the end of the 2024/25 season.

Specific Opportunity Details

Gold Package x 1 (Cost £500)
• Front of shirt logo placement
• Presentation of a 23/24 Carrubbers top
• Business exposure via weekly social media posts and match photography.
• Invitation to attend Carrubbers FC end-of-year celebration.

Silver Package x 2 (Cost £250)
• Sleeve logo placement
• Business exposure via weekly social media posts and match photography
• Invitation to attend Carrubbers FC end-of-year celebration



Other Info

A £250 silver package is also available.