Cardiff University Men’s Futsal Club

Sponsor Name: Easan Gunarajah

Location: Wales

Sector: Sports

Budget: Under 10k

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Cardiff University Men’s Futsal Club are looking for sponsorship to help them progress their club.


We invite you to join us on an exciting journey with the Cardiff University Men’s Futsal Club. We are reigning Welsh FAW Cup champions and four-time participants in the UEFA Futsal Champions League. Our track record includes four wins in the FAW Elite Futsal League, four victories in the FAW Futsal Cup, and the illustrious BUCS Premier Division title in 2017.

As a newly separated team from our university’s football team, we’re embarking on a mission to become the best Futsal Club in the UK. Our highly diverse and social group of male students, aged 18-30, are passionate about futsal and football. We are now seeking additional support to elevate our club to new heights.

Our prime opportunities include logo placement on dynamic game footage, Instagram individual advertising, affiliation with Bristol Welsh Futsal Club, and the chance to sponsor our social futsal league and prestigious club tours/tournaments.


Target Audience

Our club consists of and targets male students aged 18-30, who are socially active and have a keen interest in futsal and football. Our diversity club spans various backgrounds and interests, creating a dynamic and engaged community.

Key Dates and Timings

We are looking for sponsors for our upcoming 2023/24 season (which starts in October 2023), where we will compete in BUCS, the FAW Welsh South League and Cup. Our club initiative is ongoing, and sponsorship support is welcome at any time throughout the year.

Specific Opportunity Details

Our key opportunities include:

Logo Watermark & Banner Placement: Imprint your logo on our captivating BUCS home game and training footage captured by the Veo Sports Camera. This exposure spans our (new) YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter channels. This also shows live across the Veo Platforms. Your brand also finds its place on a logo banner at our home ground in Talybont Sports Training Village, catching the eyes of numerous sports enthusiasts and viewers of our high-quality footage.

Instagram Individual Advertising: Tap into our engaged audience by showcasing your brand through individual advertising on our Instagram platform. Craft posts that deeply resonate with your message, creating a lasting impact.

Social Futsal League: Spearhead the establishment of a social futsal league designed for beginner students. This endeavour provides a clear pathway for player development and offers ample opportunities for various forms of sponsorship, enhancing your brand's exposure.

Affiliation with Bristol Welsh Futsal Club: Align your brand with our affiliation to the Professional NFS Tier 2 club Bristol Welsh Futsal Club, amplifying both our club's credibility and your brand visibility.

Social Media Growth: Leverage our rapid social media growth propelled by engaging content and University investment, amplifying your brand's reach and visibility.

Tours and Tournaments: Seize the potential to sponsor our club tours and tournaments, including prestigious events like the UEFA Futsal Champions League. Your brand could take centre stage during our participation, creating an impactful presence.

Features and Benefits

By becoming a sponsor of Cardiff University Men's Futsal Club, partners can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

Logo Placement: Gain brand exposure through strategic logo placement on our playing kit, capturing attention both on and off the field.

Social Media Recognition: Your brand gains recognition in our vibrant social media posts and marketing materials, resonating with a wide and engaged audience.

YouTube Visibility: Enjoy prominent visibility on our new YouTube channel, extending your brand's reach to our dedicated viewers, as well as live across Veo platforms. We are looking to post highlights and shorts across the platform.

Sponsor the Social Futsal League: Opt for sponsoring our IMG Futsal League, especially catering to social sponsors such as pubs, bars, and clubs, while forging meaningful connections with Cardiff’s social futsal community.

Other Partners

Macron has joined us as our kit supplier. We are looking to foster new partnerships that align with our values and vision.


We are seeking support from sponsors with a flexible investment above £250. We are open to cash investment, futsal/ sports equipment, product support or promotional collaboration. Sponsors can also choose to contribute to specific initiatives, such as sponsoring our social futsal league.

Other Info

As we expand our presence on social media and grow our club's membership, this is a prime opportunity for sponsors to engage with a passionate audience and be part of our exciting journey towards becoming the UK’s best Futsal Club. Your partnership will directly contribute to enhancing player experiences, developing talent, and fostering a strong sense of community.
We are open to discussing tailored sponsorship packages that align with your brand's goals and values. Together, we can create a meaningful partnership that benefits both our club and your brand.

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to the possibility of working together to achieve mutual success.