Cannes Film Festival 2024 – Fashion Show and VIP Afterparty

Sponsor Name: Susheel Kumar

Location: Europe

Sector: Luxury Events

Budget: 10k - 50k

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We are offering a rare and unique opportunity to sponsors – get high visibility at the Cannes Film Festival 2024 on May 22.


Against the backdrop of the iconic Cannes Film Festival 2024 we invite you to embark on a journey where we will host all-glamour VVIP invite-only fashion show and afterparty held at the exclusive La Plage du Festival.

The opportunity is quite rare and unique as it is difficult to on-board to any Cannes Film Festival related event unless you have the correct contacts or an already established leading brand in the Cannes circuit (such as Chopard, Moet etc) . As two of the event organisers are British we are looking to reach out to UK companies especially to allow UK companies to have an even playing field against some bigger and established brands. We also offer this for a fantastic and highly affordable price (nearly 2.5-5x cheaper than competitors) .

Not only will luxury fashion take centre stage; it will be an opportunity to meet and network with influential people from the world of fashion and film and celebrity to inspire and captivate you and your brand. From the red carpet to the runway every detail will be meticulously curated from guests we invite (high social media following, celebrities in their field) to the fashion show itself.

As a sponsor of the fashion show and celebrity afterparty, your brand will receive prominent exposure to a highly desirable audience of fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, celebrities, and media representatives. Your logo and branding will be prominently displayed throughout the event, including on promotional materials, signage, maximizing brand visibility and recognition. International press will be in attendance and every attendee who takes a pic against the press board will show your brand logo their own followers (in the hundreds of thousands) giving you incredible exposure. Of course not only that you can also add a keep sake gift/voucher/product in our luxury keepsake bags that will be given to each attendee on departure.

By sponsoring the event, you’ll have the opportunity to align your brand with HNW individuals, celebrities, influencers, and fashion and film experts who attend and participate in the event. This association can enhance your brand’s prestige, credibility, and appeal to your target demographic, helping to elevate your brand image and attract new customers.


Target Audience

Primarily targeting affluent fashion-forward individuals aged 18-45. Secondary focus on older demographics with a taste for a wide variety of brands, luxury and sophistication, aged 45-65+. HNW who want to spend money on their travels. Guests will not be all residents of the Riviera but from further afield especially the UK and Asia.

Key Dates and Timings

22 May 2024 (9pm to 2am)

Specific Opportunity Details

Be at the heart of the Cannes Film Festival in one of the most prestigious events locations of all the festival - La Plage du Festival right on the Croisette, a short distance away from the official festival red-carpet.

150 attendees fashion show. up to 300 attendees for afterparty. Partner has an incredible opportunity to be visible to HNW audience from all over the world, many from the UK. Their branding exposed on the press boards at our red carpet. Great social media reach for the type of clientele we are bringing some of which are averaging a few hundred thousand - million followers. This is a great opportunity for a diverse range of brands to showcase themselves.

Features and Benefits

Your brands logos guaranteed on our press and display boards where our guests will have their photo taken, and press will be on hand to take those photos, exposing your brand through a multitude of personal and professional social media channels. All our guests are carefully curated to ensure they have a high profile and large social media reach.

- Bring up to 10 guests and complimentary drinks for you and your guests.
- Access to the exclusive VVIP afterparty featuring unique networking opportunities with fashion and film professionals, HNW individuals, celebrities and influencers.
- International media in attendance.
- Add your brand materials to our keepsake bags which will be given to all 150 invitees. Get your brand to “go home with our guests” to increase exposure.

Other Partners

Lancome (beauty brand)
Gilgamesh (luxury restaurant London)
Haddington Dynamics (AI/Robotics)

Other names to be announced in due course.


1500 Euros per sponsor - cash investment

Other Info

Our event will have a carefully curated private audience and will comprise of industry professionals from both the film, music and fashion world, celebrities, affluent patrons, influencers, business professionals and media luminaries. Our event is not about quantity it is about quality. Individuals with discerning tastes and considerable purchasing power will make it the perfect platform for brands seeking to enhance their visibility and appeal to an affluent clientele. There will be 150 people at the fashion show and up to 300 at the afterparty.

Lewis Tan (Hollywood actor) will be our celebrity DJ for the night.
One recent Oscar winner will also be attending.
All Cannes celebrity PR agents have been called and the event is in their diaries. There is a strong likelihood some other recognisable names will attend the event.