C.T.T.F Airsoft

Sponsor Name: Stephen Price

Location: North East

Sector: Esports

Budget: 10k - 50k

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C.T.T.F Airsoft UK are seeking sponsorship to grow their team to become known in different areas.


C.T.T.F Airsoft UK are base in north east of England Middlesbrough. We started the team up in 2021 and our team members are wondering do you offer sponsorship/friendship in the community?

Please follow the ‘Find Out More’ option if you are interested, we would love hear back from you.


Target Audience


Key Dates and Timings

5 years

Specific Opportunity Details

We are looking to get sponsorship and to grow our team to get us known from different areas. The reason why we would like to get the team sponsored is to succeed in the airsoft community and make the team proud. We are base in Teesside area we have played adrenalin airsoft competition…..

We did have a site sponsor but he now decided to close the airsoft site down so our team were disappointed but we are stronger then we were before.

Features and Benefits

We have our own merch store that you can purchase over on our web https://cttfairsoftstore.myshopify.com/