Brooksbank School Sports Tour

Sponsor Name: Jo Nutter

Location: West Yorkshire

Sector: Education

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Brooksbank School are looking for sponsorship to support funds for their sports tour.


Brooksbank School Sports Tour – A very successful school in terms of sport, reaching county and national finals in a variety of sports annually. Every year we run a tour and often win the tournaments we enter on tour.


Target Audience

14-16 sports fans. The players are all part of clubs (many elite) who also retweet the successes of their players. These are then seen by peers, parents, local and national communities

Key Dates and Timings

28th May 2923 to 1st June 2023. Clothing will be worn after the tour has finished and continuing tweets will tag the sponsors.

Specific Opportunity Details

We are taking 51 students to Barcelona in May on a sports tour for netball and football. The teams are seen both in the country whilst travelling and are on display in the host country and at the tournamentss. We have a lot of social media platforms, most notably Twitter with a large number of followers. When on tour, we use this as our main platform tagging sponsors in to every tweet. It is a great opportunity for a sponsor to be involved with a successful touring party.

Features and Benefits

Inclusion in the tour programme.
Visual representation of company logo on hoodies, polos and training kit.
Mention in school publicity with logo and feature piece in Ezine.
Continued tagging on all social media platformss.

Other Partners

None at the moment


Anything between £1000 and £3000. Ideally cash investment but happy to accept any kit offers such as hoodies, polos etc

Other Info

Opportunities for inclusion in tweets with airline - group photo always taken and tweeted on steps of airline and then promoted through their own social media.