British International Canoe Marathon Team

Sponsor Name: Holly Mobbs


Sector: Water Sports

Budget: Under 10k

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British International Canoe Marathon Team are seeking sponsorship to support the 2023 season.


British International Canoe Marathon Team – The British International Team is seeking financial support for the 2023 season to enable them to achieve greater success at their three major events (World Cup, European Championships and World Championships). This sponsorship is being created and agreed with the Marathon Racing Committee, the volunteer-run discipline committee that organises and runs the canoe marathon sport nationally. Canoe Marathon is a growing sport nationally and internationally and now is an exciting time to work with us to make it bigger and better.


Target Audience

Target audience is wide a varied but mostly European, outdoor enthusiasts or interested in sports

Key Dates and Timings

This sponsorship deal will last for the 2023 season of international events. This starts from the agreement of the sponsorship deal and concludes at the end of September 2023 after the Canoe Marathon World Championships 2023. We are open to conversations around the 2024 season if both parties are happy with the partnership during the 2023 season.

Specific Opportunity Details

In 2022, the British Canoe Marathon team had one of its most successful international competitive seasons ever. At the World Championships, world champion status was earned by Beth Gill and three other bronze medals won. In the exhibition event for para-canoe athletes, each member of the para team won a medal (One gold, two silvers, one bronze). At the European Championships, the team won seven medals (four silver, three bronze) in addition to a number of top ten positions. Earlier in the summer we also had two of our senior athletes selected to represent Great Britain for the first time at the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. This team is still young and we are keen to support them to have even greater success in 2023.

Canoe marathon is very much a developing sport and the recent use of drones and live stream has increased the accessibility for viewing. With 32 countries competing in the World Championships, it was noticeable how competitive and exciting the sport is becoming. The World Championships was the second most watched event on the PlanetCanoe (International Canoe Federation) Youtube channel, with a total peak of 4,200 viewers. There was a total watch time of 3.4million minutes, which was a new record for marathon, and total views of 177,000.

Similarly on a national stage, the sport is increasing in popularity and coverage. For example, our athletes have been featured on BBC sport, BBC Essex Radio and Worcester News and one of our athletes is currently working with Athlete Media Group promoting clean rivers within the UK. Our own online profile has also grown through our online channels and greater engagement with British Canoe's media department to publicise the athletes' amazing achievements.

Our current canoe marathon social media engagement is as follows:
- Facebook group for community: 2,011 members
- Facebook page: 248 followers, 123 likes
- Instagram: 793 followers with an average of 1,500 accounts reached
- Twitter: 42 followers
- Tiktok: 12 followers and 1500+ views but newly created and growing

British Canoeing social media engagement is as follows:
- Facebook page: 27,226 likes
- Instagram: 14,200 followers
- Twitter: 12,100 followers

We are now looking for sponsorship for the GB Canoe Marathon Team in their three major events in 2023 (World Cup, European Championships, World Championships). This sponsorship will enable us to continue to support our teams to reach their highest potential.

Features and Benefits

We would like financial support of £5,000 for the 2023 events in return for the following:
- All athletes representing Great Britain at the above events will have boat stickers with company branding on both sides of their boat - this will therefore be visible on live streams as well as official event photography and therefore social media posts
- The team minibus and trailer will have company logos on - this bus is used to drive boats around Europe as well as transport the team during the event
- Company social media will be linked on all major international event social media posts from the Marathon Racing Committee social media accounts as well as linked in social media bio as official GB Canoe Marathon team sponsor

This list is not exhaustive or inflexible and we are happy to discuss a sponsorship deal that works with your company to ensure a suitable partnership for both parties.

Other Partners

There are currently no other brands on board for this sponsorship.