Bristol Steppin Sistas

Sponsor Name: Sophia Brown

Location: South West

Sector: Events, Sports, Womens Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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Bristol Steppin Sistas are looking for sponsors to reach out to more women for their walking group.


Bristol Steppin Sistas are a walking group who were established in April 2021 with 1,240 members to enable us to reach out to local women in the Bristol area to encourage an interest in walking and thriving in open spaces. We are a grassroots group of black women and women of colour who are passionate about walking and enthusing who identify with our lived experience to do so.

Why we do it: There has been a reluctance for women of colour to venture in unfamiliar spaces where they feel exposed, judged, and remarked on. This has led to our staying in our lanes.

We would really benefit with support from sponsors as affordability is very hard. Also, we would like to reach out to more women .

We have a huge media coverage which the sponsors would benefit from.


Target Audience

Age Group 18+ (No age limits)

Key Dates and Timings

We would like to be sponsored for a year or more if possible.

Specific Opportunity Details

We have 1,240 members .

Features and Benefits

The sponsor would gain promotion at events, branding, product sampling.

Other Partners

We are only in collaboration at the moment with the following names – theres no partnership

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Product, promotional support or if possible grants to support us.