Breeze Esports

Sponsor Name: James Murray

Location: UK National

Sector: Esports

Budget: Under 10k

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Breeze Esports are seeking sponsorship as they have an opportunity to showcase a sponsor at big tournaments they compete in.


As the proud representatives of Breeze Esports, we are excited to present a fantastic opportunity for your esteemed brand to collaborate with a rising star in the esports world.

Breeze Esports is a powerhouse team dedicated to excellence, sportsmanship, and continuous growth. Our talented roster is driven by a shared passion for competitive gaming, and we have consistently proven ourselves on various competitive platforms. From thrilling victories in major tournaments to showcasing outstanding performance in the gaming community, our team has garnered significant recognition and a loyal fanbase.

We believe this is a great opportunity as we are willing to wear you on our shirts proudly and we are already competing in big tournaments and if we do get the partnership done your name will be seen everywhere breeze related.


Target Audience

People who enjoy gaming and esports.

Key Dates and Timings

We are looking to get a sponsor in the coming weeks and we are hoping to get a long lasting sponsor.

Specific Opportunity Details

Our multiple tiktoks one for fifa, one for rocket league etc have a lot of following and a few big names support us.

Features and Benefits

Would be in all our advertisements, included on our kits, would get tickets to come support us in big tournaments.

Other Partners

No current sponsors.


£45 a month

Other Info

You will have a clause where you may pull out at anytime but give us 2 weeks notice.