Boldmere Sports and Social Club

Sponsor Name: Callum Lee

Location: Midlands

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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Boldmere Sports and Social Club are looking for sponsorship to support them as their teams prepare to compete in the upcoming season.


Boldmere Sports and Social Club has had in last few years gone from the highs of step 6 football and potential promotion to most recently relegation and unfortunate off the field problems with the sad untimely passing of our chairman.

However, with a new management team on board and a new chairman it’s a really exciting time for the club.

We have a first team and a reserve side competing this season which gives a wider scope for us to advertise any logos on kits, or to advertise at home games with banners or boards and even regular social media content of any a business. Both competing all round Birmingham and the West Midlands.

As a club with so much potential and in a great area, we are in need of help. From new kits and training gear all the way to ref and league fees, not to mention training equipment and costs.

Boldmere are in need of any kind of help whether it would be, money for a new kit and training wear or a donation of money to help us with the books.

Any donation of course won’t be one way traffic and the pitch it’s self is in an advantageous location.

As well as, multiple boards a company’s logo could be presented on pitch side, there is also a train that runs past the pitch and has a great view of all the boards. With trains running every half and hour throughout the day this would be a great opportunity for any business.

Any help at all would mean the world to the club and we would love people/companies on board to follow this exciting journey the club is on, and the only was is up!

If there are any questions regarding any packages or what exactly is on offer through the club, please enquire below at the ‘Find Out More’ option.

Many thanks for reading,

Callum Lee
Boldmere Falcons Manager


Target Audience

People who interact with the club stem from as young as 6 to upwards of 80 years old.

Key Dates and Timings

We would love to be able to gain any type of sponsorship before the 23-24 season with starts on the 5th of August 2023.

Specific Opportunity Details

We have a healthy following on social media with regular interactions.

With a 2000+ following on Twitter there is always people looking at our tweets where a company may be advertised.

Also, at home games we regularly have 40+ people to watch and can have a pitch side view of advertisement banners.

Features and Benefits

There are multiple ways we would give back to a sponsor.

-Logo on front of kit
-Logo on back of kit
-Logo on training kits
-Regular social media shoutouts
-Sharing any news on the business that has helped us out
-Pitch side advertising
-Logos on match programs

As a club we would give back as much as we possibly could and would like to invite the business down to watch any games and have a photo pitch side with the two squads.

Other Partners

At the moment the teams have no sponsorship. All the boards around the pitch are available to be advertised on and the only brand associated with the teams is Nike.


Anything from £500-£5000 and the appropriate package would be given back. Any help such as new kits, training tops, tracksuits or training equipment would also help so so much.