Bodies In Action

Sponsor Name: Julian Nichols

Location: London


Budget: Under 10k

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Bodies In Action are looking for sponsorship for their enGendering contemporary dance.


Bodies in Action ~ engendering Contemporary Dance” is a community interest company that strives to represent all gender identities in contemporary dance equally. We offer professional dance class, discussions about what we face in society, outreach class (in schools and other charitable purposes).

Bodies in Action is a repertory dance company founded by dancer and choreographer Julian Nichols. As a company, we strive to provide audiences and communities with engaging contemporary dance through professional and recreational class, outreach, general discussion, and performance. As physical bodies, we share our perspective through the lens of a simple yet revolutionary idea: we stand and encourage people to live in their authentic skin without succumbing to societal pressures of conformity. The gender spectrum and sexual orientation have become polarizing in recent times, yet we are all human in the end. To this end, Bodies in Action promotes equality among all despite gender identity, race, age, sexual orientation, body type, and physical ability through both creations and diversity of the company.

Our dance organization aims to expand societal awareness about gender authenticity by tackling stereotypes of what it is to be human. Despite crucial advances in today’s society, there remains an apparent stigma for those that don’t identify as a man or woman or that do not have heterosexual relations. While society continues to expand its acceptance of gender, there are still many unexplored and unimagined possibilities. Bodies in Action pushes our gender forward-thinking through progressive artistic representations about what it means to live and move in a spectrum of gendered ways. Bodies in Action gives an immediate and transparent perspective of bodies integrating through movement without regard to gender by embracing all genders across the spectrum.

To this end, Bodies in Action employs and supports dancers, choreographers, and people that identify across the gender spectrum: transgender, gender-neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, third gender, male, female, and all, none, or any combination of the above as well as people whose sexual orientation lies within the LGBTQIA+ community.

As a potential sponsor:

A sponsorship of any kind whether it be money, space, or essential materials would be a fundamental part of our business takeoff and will benefit your company as well as ours. As a Community Interest Company we aim to create change through our target audience and as a donor we, in return, would give you a special place in our promotional material, give back to the community through your company, and create change alongside you by offering a new perspective. If in any case you are unable to give we can also offer our services and set up fitness/dance workshops and discussions to further integrate the company on a physical level. We are happy to give in any way that we can while achieving our goals!


Target Audience

LGBTQ+ people 18-30, into performance, theatre, and networking.

Key Dates and Timings

There is no official date or key timings for this as we are an emerging company looking for sponsors who believe in the longevity of our company, making change through activism, and the performing arts.

Specific Opportunity Details

As a partner or sponsor of Bodies In Action, you would receive high marketing value by us listing you as a proud sponsor and supporter via programming and all social media posts. We would make sure to communicate with you at all times about potential projects and moves we are making within the community.

Bodies In Action has a high following on social media (10.4K followers on Instagram) and with the support of your organisation, you will be able to reach a whole other audience while showing your proud support of the performing arts and LGBTQIA+ community.