Big Bro Soccer

Sponsor Name: Nadeem Shahid

Location: Scotland

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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Big Bro Soccer are seeking sponsorship to support them on their journey as they aim to introduce new technology into their games.


At Big Bro Soccer, we believe football is ‘more than game’. Through personal experiences of growing up in Glasgow during the 1990s, football was not only an escape route from the dangers of the streets but also a ‘classroom of life lessons’ with positive health benefits both mentally & physically. We have embarked on a journey to encourage more people to play the beautiful game by making it more exciting at a 5/7 a-side level. Our bold mission is to become the ‘SKY SPORTS of 5&7 a-sides! We are aiming to introduce AI technology into our games, which will allow us to produce match stats such as possession, shots on targets, heat maps, and much more! With this content and approach, we can further engage with our target audience and encourage more into the sport.


Target Audience

Male, Football Fans, Age 25 to 45, Glasgow Area, Sports, Cars, Family, Ethinic Minorities, Glasgow Students

Key Dates and Timings

The indoor 5-a-side league event starts from Sunday 15th October 2023 and runs until April 2023.

Pitchside sponsors are open all year round as the football pitches are used all year.

However, only matches within the Big Bro League will benefit from the 'Sky Sports approach' we plan to initiate.

After this winter league ends in April, we will also be hosting summer events.

Specific Opportunity Details

Indoor 5-a-aside football league, based at 33 Scotland Street, Glasgow, G5 8NB, starts from Sunday 15th October 2023, ending in April 2024.

This is our 2nd League after the hugely successful season last year with over 22 local Glasgow teams competing.

Each team contains a 15-man squad.

The complex from which the event is held has 5 indoor and 2 outdoor pitches.

Features and Benefits

With an average of over 1200 football enthusiasts attending each week, this presents a huge opportunity to expose your brand to this audience.

Become official sponsors of the Big Bro Soccer League and have your logo added to our content both on the website and social media.

Become a 'pitchside sponsor' and have your banner added on the pitchside where all the action takes place.

We are very active on social media and will have lots of content such as teams, transfers, fixtures, results, player of the match, and video highlights.

All of this presents a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness from now right through the winter and festive period heading into spring.

Other Partners

Flavas Desserts - Glasgow Westend
Geek-A-Boo - Glasgow City Centre
Musclebound - Paisley
Foodasia - Glasgow Tradeaton
G4 Properties - Glasgow Southside


Between 500 to 4000 pounds. This will help cover costs of your promtional material such as banners but also push us closer to purchasing the AI Technology.

Other Info

We would be more than happy to present in person or via zoom call to ensure complete clarity.