Best Foot Forward Skate Academy

Sponsor Name: Mark Nolan

Location: London

Sector: Roller Sports, Skateboarding

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Best Foot Forward Skate Academy are seeking sponsorship to help build London’s First Indoor Skateboarding School.


Best Foot Forward Skate Academy – We are London’s fastest growing Skateboarding School, we teach in Schools and Skateparks across the city. We are now looking to build a one of a kind attraction in London with our very own indoor Skate School. This will be a first for London and will attract thousands of existing & new clients to our facility. There is a strong need for an indoor space in London, given the rainy nature of London’s weather and the tens of thousands of skateboarders and even more potential skateboarders in the City. We are looking to open in September 2024 following the European and non-lockdown debut of skateboarding in the Olympics, we believe there will be a significant spike in demand for skateboarding lessons post Olympic exposure. For current skateboarders this will be a place to hone their existing skills, for new and potential skateboarders this will be a Hub of Learning and will quickly become London’s premier place to learn.

Skateboard GB estimate there are 750,000 skateboarders in the UK and yet in England’s Capital City all of the indoor spaces combined wouldn’t fit half an adult sized football pitch and non of them are focused primarily on teaching, this gap in the market followed by our established client base and growing reputation mean we are primed to make it happen. Each year tens of thousands of beginner skateboarders are forced to put their progression on hold and wait for months on end for the summer to start again, we will have the pull of being the only dedicated skateboarding school in the city all year round.

We are seeking sponsorship with spaces across the skatepark and staff uniforms and are currently crowdfunding to initiate a kickstart to the costs of the build.

Our primary potential location will be in SW London in Battersea or Vauxhall, places with good connections and footfall to maximize potential eyes on your brand. Our current clients highlight the new demographics in skateboarding, these are young, affluent families and sporty and socially engaged adults who support brands that support them. At an Average of £40-50 per hour for a private 1-1 there is a shift towards middle class, consumer based skateboarders who can afford private tuition for what is now an Olympic sport, our current clients reflect this with Motor company CEOs, BBC screenwriters, Foreign sports ministers and influencers among our weekly students.

We currently have a high social media following for our niche of Skateboarding progression and this will only explode with the announcement of our own facility ensuring more exposure for your brand, we will also be happy to do special posts and collabs with sponsors.

Our Crowdfunder is currently at 22% as of time of writing and any needed additional funding needed will be sourced, the skatepark build is not solely tied to the crowdfunding pot and we will be building this skatepark regardless so this is not a gamble.

We hope to speak with brands who want to support the emergence of skateboarding into a New Era and can recognise the massive gap in the current market that we will be filling.


Target Audience

This will appeal to all ages. Initial thoughts would be to imagine more children but we have cultivated a large demographic of Adult students too. Our target audience are young affluent families and Sporty and highly socially active adults, currently we have a 70% Female audience on social media with an average age of 25-34. These are consumers who post, share and support brands.

Key Dates and Timings

Sponsorship is based on a 12 month term but we are open to longer. We are aiming to open in Q3 of 2024.

Specific Opportunity Details

We have 2 types of Sponsorship opportunities available. Firstly we have Staff shirt sponsorship, meaning your logo and branding will be prominent on all staff uniforms during all lessons, events and social media posts,
Secondly we have Skatepark Sponsorship spots, where your branding will be featured across the (apporx.) 1500 sqft skatepark including on all ramps and obstacles as well as dedicated signage or artwork on walls. This is split between the left hand side and right hand side of the park but Brands can gain full sponsorship of the park for a discounted rate also.

Your Brand will be seen by thousands in person and much more online by a demographic who show strong brand loyalty.

Features and Benefits

This is a chance to be part of a First for London, something that will be a large attraction for the average member or the public just as much as current skateboarders. We have seen the rise in facilities for alternative sports such as Rock climbing and skateboarding will be no different. Your Brand will be front and centre alongside Best Foot Forward as we open up to a large Market with very small market competition, we expect media interest and large numbers of social media users and influencers using the facility all year round.

Other Partners

We currently don't have other partners but have worked with brands such as Samsung, New Balance and Liquid Death before.


We are looking for £4000 for shirt sponsorship - this will be your logo and branding alongside Best Foot Forward logos on all staff uniforms. £8,000 x 2 - We have two sides of the skatepark for branding including all ramps, walls and obstacles on the left and right hand side. £15,000 - Full branding across the whole skatepark, including ALL ramps, walls and obstacles to ensure full exposure on social media posts.

Other Info

We are running our crowdfunder currently and would redistribute any funding into that pool following agreement and with permission publicly comment on the brands behalf via donation.