Berry Street Blues

Sponsor Name: Elliot Davies

Location: North West

Sector: Football

Budget: Budget Varies

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Berry Street Blues are looking for sponsorship to support their football club as they aim to grow in the 2023/24 season.


Berry Street Blues is a truly unique Manchester based football club playing in the Stockport District 3rd Division. What makes our club so different to other Sunday league football clubs is that we are run by, and made up entirely of students who study across Manchester’s various universities. Since founding in 2022, Berry Street Blues has welcomed over 30 students to the club both off and on the pitch and we as a club intend to continue and grow into the 2023/24 season with the help of sponsorship. The main way we, as a football club can benefit a sponsor is by business promotion. We will wear the name/logo of your business across the front of our kits and we can also promote your business/brand multiple times a week through our social media posts. Our social media accounts have experienced significant growth since our formation and we are eager to increase our social media presence further. In addition, across the course of the upcoming season, we will be coming up against other teams in the area who usually have around 16-20 players and then a further 3-5 members of staff as well as approximately 20-30 spectators which in total gives an average of 47 people per match and therefore a minimum of 376 people per season who will see our kits and therefore your business.


Target Audience

Our target audience would be males ageing between 16-40 who have an interest in but no limited to sports and football.

Key Dates and Timings

We will wear your business on the front of our kits for the entirety of the 2023/34 season spanning from August 2023 to May/June 2024 with the possibility to extend beyond then. We will wear these kits promoting your business to all weekly games as well as training kits and general sports wear which our players/staff will wear regularly aside from match days.

Specific Opportunity Details

After our first season in the Stockport District 1st Division we achieved something that no other established team expected us to do, we fielded a side to every single match and managed to survive our first season as a club despite major doubts from external people looking in that we would be forced to fold and give up on our mission. Despite all the challenges of running a football club (never mind with no previous experience) we are ready to go again next season and grow our club even further, hopefully with the aid of your sponsorship. We will wear your business/brand across the front of our match day kits, training kits and club wear and we will promote your business through our social media accounts to our ever-growing fan base. We are also extremely open to any further opportunities/ideas that you might have in mind and we due to our students studying a wide range of degrees, we are more than capable to facilitate any form of promotions you may have in mind.

Features and Benefits

We can offer excellent business promotion opportunities with our various social media provisions as well as physically, live in the flesh as we would wear the branding of your business across the front of our match day/training kits as well as general club wear such as tracksuits and raincoats.

Other Partners

Last season our main kit sponsor was CGI who funded our kits in return for advertisement and promotional opportunities, something we are looking to offer again for this upcoming season.


We would be looking for investment to cover the costs of our kits and team-wear for the upcoming season which would come to approximately £625.

Other Info

At Berry Street Blues we are a very modern club and we do things differently to normal Sunday League football clubs, we celebrate and promote the social side of being part of a football team as well as the physical aspect. We also provide a unique opportunity for students in the Manchester area to be part of a team and experience comradely and friendship at the same time as playing football and receiving both mental and physical benefits, something most students desperately miss out on when at University.