Benchviews TV

Sponsor Name: Tyler Keates

Location: London

Sector: Football, Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Benchviews TV are seeking sponsorship for their Sunday League Football Team’s training and playing kits.


As an established sports media outlet, Benchviews Sport TV has a strong track record of delivering insightful analysis, engaging commentary, and captivating content to our audience, we are at a exciting period of our growth period and are looking to add an exciting sponsor which aligns with our values, with our social media presence reaching over 100k followers across Instagram & TikTok, we feel our presence will be just as valuable to companies. In terms of ways to promote your brand, we have a Sunday League football team with space for new sponsorship on our kit and training kit for the upcoming season, a weekly football podcast which we are keen to brighten up our production with some props and logos from partner companies, along with our social media accounts, which we post on average 10 times per day, this will be our main way of promoting your brand, as we have a massive network within the UK and one that is growing rapidly in the US, recently gaining partnerships with NBA, NFL, MLB & MLS.


Target Audience

Sports & media industry, all ages, worldwide

Key Dates and Timings

Time stamps will vary depending on what platform it will be used for.

Specific Opportunity Details

We aim to run various football events in London (5 & 7 a-side tournaments) where we will have influencers based on our sector - which is sports, mainly football.

Sports Podcast - YouTube & via Website
Sunday league team kits - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

100K+ followers across social media platforms

Features and Benefits

Branding opportunities, advertising & exposure to small scale businesses looking to invest in a rapidly growing media company.

Other Partners

We currently have partnerships with all major sports leagues across the world, we have media access to many events, we are at the start of our journey of gaining sponsorship from brands.


Open to negotiation

Other Info