Bath Spa University

Sponsor Name: Ella Parkinson

Location: South East

Sector: Hockey

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Bath Spa University are looking for sponsorship to support their hockey club which aims to provide training sessions for all abilities.


Bath Spa University Hockey – We are a small club of around 50 members who join the club with a range of abilities and experience, such as people who have never picked up a stick before to those who have played all through school and beyond. During the season, especially in the first weeks of term when welcoming any new members, we aim to make our training sessions enjoyable for everyone to find the joy in the game but also to grasp the basic skills, confidence training, various levels of drills and game play. Both our Men’s and Women’s teams train together meaning our captains can collaborate to create a general training session as well as a more specific plan to accommodate for the beginners as well as creating real life situations during match play as a gradual encouragement to play during games.

Our goal as a Club has always been to promote our love for hockey and create a social environment where everyone can feel as though they are a part of a community no matter their ability.


Target Audience

Mainly sports teams ages 18-23 both female and male.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship would last from the beginning of October to the end of April.

Specific Opportunity Details

As a society we have numerous socials and fundraisers planned for the year. We are currently organising a Winter Charity Ball to raise money for both a charity and our society. Our current member numbers are small, however, they will increase when the semester starts and 1st years begin to join. As a society we mainly have loyal and recurring members instead of numbers but we would ideally like to have both.

Features and Benefits

As a Hockey team we would put your logo on both game and training kit, this will be posted both on our Facebook and Instagram. Our university will also occasionally post on their Instagram and websites.

Other Partners

Currently we do not have any sponsorship except a small amount of funding from the university.


Ideally we would like product and promotional support.

Other Info

Our goal keepers kit has sadly become too old and unreliable to continue to use for the upcoming season as it would be unsafe to do so. The cost of a new kit for each team would be too expensive on top of pitch hire, new balls, coaches and so on.