Barnsley YBC

Sponsor Name: Barnsley YBC

Location: Yorkshire

Sector: Sports

Budget: Under 10k

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Barnsley YBC is looking for sponsorship as they help children develop skills in ten-pin bowling.


Barnsley YBC is an inclusive club whereby we make everyone welcome. We are a YBC (Youth Bowling Club) that helps children to receive coaching and to learn and develop the skills of our sport (Ten-pin Bowling). Our young juniors will all receive the opportunity to tour around Yorkshire as they will get entered into tournaments and competitions. With help from a sponsor, we can help each other out in regard to free advertising because as a club would proudly wear your company’s logo on our bowling shirts for all to see, we would advertise your business on our facebook page as well as our webpage. As a club we would also like the opportunity to build trust and hope fully be a long lasting a returnable sponsor.


Target Audience

Children aged 6-22 who would love to learn to bowl and travel to other Youth Bowling Clubs.

Key Dates and Timings

Barnsley YBC runs every Saturday morning from 10am till 1pm and we run all year round.

Specific Opportunity Details

Barnsley YBC has its very own webpage, Facebook page and a Facebook group. We also have Instagram and are registered on google business for all to see. With all this media base we would guarantee to get your business out there and advertised as people view us daily.

Features and Benefits

As a club if sponsored you will get our promise to get your business out there and advertised as we would but your company on our shirt and all media platforms that the club has. Most of all our club would wear the company's logo with pride.

Other Partners

Norse Group (domestic cleaning company)

Other Info

This is an opportunity not to be missed, you will have no better YBC club on your side working closely with you to build a report and to advertise your company (Barnsley YBC)