BAME Women

Sponsor Name: Charlotte Stummer

Location: London

Sector: Events

Budget: Under 10k

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BAME Women are seeking sponsorship for their upcoming event as they aim to inspire and empower women of colour.


BAME Women – Who are we?

We are Bame Women, a global organisation known for leading women of colour in business, careers, and politics.

Our mission is to inspire, connect, and empower women of colour through various public channels to amplify the strength of our united voices.

Through meaningful connections, knowledge sharing, and mentorship, we strive to create a more equitable and inclusive business environment where BAME women can thrive, achieve individual aspirations, and make a positive impact in diverse fields and areas of business and careers.

Together We Value: Innovative Thinking Curating Positive Impact Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Spirit Commitment To Delivering Excellence

Benefits for Sponsor

By sponsoring BAME Women, your business will receive numerous benefits that align with a commitment to diversity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility and talent acquisition.

Brand Visibility

Gain extensive brand exposure through prominent logo placement in event materials and exclusive content on our website. You will also receive marketing collateral over Instagram and Tiktok, showcasing social media campaigns of your involvement in our event. Finally, your company will be featured on our official event red carpet sponsorship wall in Parliament. The organisation will also have the opportunity to showcase its commitment to diversity during the event through speaking opportunities and branded collateral.

Employment and Recruitment (The EVENT is now sold out for ATTENDEES)

BAME Women attracts high-potential diverse women of colour, creating a space of opportunity for your business to connect with potential future employees. Your representatives can engage with participants during networking sessions to build relationships and explore talent acquisition opportunities. Potential employees can also obtain insights into your companies working environment and recruitment process. Our involvement and partnership will directly impact your business, boosting gender balance goals and increasing the representation of BAME employees within your business. For this event, our sister company Fougen will aid in the talent acquisition process by screening our client base and selecting top talent to connect with your company.

Community Engagement

Your sponsorship will actively contribute to the empowerment and professional growth of BAME women. By supporting this event, your company will be positively impacting the lives of the participants and helping to create a more inclusive and equitable business environment. Your visibility at the event will ensure future employees are aware of your commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sponsorship of BAME Women demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility by supporting underrepresented communities. This involvement will enhance your organisation’s reputation as a responsible corporate enterprise and demonstrate dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion in the business sector.

As BAME Women continues to grow as a community, we will continue to partner with your business, inviting you to speak at future events and sharing your companies initiatives and achievements with our extensive audience. Your company will also be continually featured on our website as a company contributing to the future of women of colour in business.

Customised Benefits

Please contact us directly through the ‘Find Out More’ option below to discuss customised package sponsorship including speaker opportunities, additional branding and tailored workshops or sessions for your business.


Target Audience

Corporate, New Start Ups, Social Enterprises. Age range between 25-40, females looking to address diversity and inclusions in the workplace.

Key Dates and Timings

9th September 2023 at 5.30pm, held in the House of Parliament.
Sponsorship of this event allows ongoing partnership with BAME Women,

Features and Benefits

Corporate Social Responsibility Package - £250
Sponsored Content on Social Media Branding on all event materials and invitations Talent acquisition Community Involvement Invitation to event

Parliament Package - £350
Red Carpet Wall Space in Parliament Leading discussions or workshops during events Bespoke Corporate Media from Event Talent Acquisition Accepting Award in Parliament

Other Partners

Previous partners include Prince's Trust, River Island and the BBC.