Sponsor Name: Miguel Centelles

Location: London

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

AVISPA FC is a non-profit youth football club.
– Our mission is to ensure economic affordability for all our children, aspiring future footballers and game lovers, whose families are increasingly struggling with the rising costs of living. AVISPA FC is very grateful for the support it has from our kind sponsors in this mission: Ripple wealth, Tribe London, Go-Ahead and Bidvest Noonan.
– Our aim is to create a positive and safe environment where our children can develop their talents playing the beautiful game. We teach them the importance of working together and being good team members by supporting each other.
– Our group consists of dedicated coaches and parents from multi-cultural backgrounds, who believe in football as a vector upon which effort, dedication and discipline can forge the character of future youths.
We participate in a Sunday league (Tandridge), where the approach of true sportsmanship with a healthy competitive stance is taken. We will always strive for the best with the same ethos and respecting all involved.
In Summary, our credo is discipline, organisation and the enjoyment of playing football with an understanding of dedication and respect.

Target Audience

We are a youth football club, our traget is 7-13 Years old children and their familly members.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship is for the all season 2024-25.

Specific Opportunity Details

- we have 3 teams Under 8, U10 and U12. + A fourth team in 2024-25.
- We have a website +700 views per year

Features and Benefits

A sponsor will appear on our website and can be added to our shirts.

Other Partners

Go-ahead London (Bus company) Higher Level Care (care company)


We are looking for £2000-£3000 to help in covering expenses for the season 2024-25.