Aurel Szilagyi

Sponsor Name: Aurel Szilagyi

Location: Scotland

Sector: Sports

Budget: Budget Varies

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Aurel Szilagyi is looking for sponsors to help him as he progresses through his boxing journey.


Aurel Szilagyi – As I look to further advance my boxing journey moving into 2023 I gladly announce that I have been selected onto Boxing Scotland’s Elite Boxer Group (EBG). This means I will be training full time with Boxing Scotland. The big goal is to represent Scotland in the 2026 Commonwealth Games, and the program will consist of sparring/training camps and fighting in major international competitions all over the world to give us the best possible chance to be able to do this.

Due to the increased demands that comes with training full time I’m looking for sponsors to help out and take some stress off me so I can give training as much attention as possible. Help through sponsorship would help with funding travel, Nutrition and training gear. In return I would:
• Be advertising and promoting you on my social Media platforms on a regular basis
• Get Logos put on fight kit and club tracksuit
• Get Logos on training gear (tops etc)


Target Audience

Any business or company.

Key Dates and Timings

Yearly, monthly or weekly basis. Any help small or big is appreciated!

Specific Opportunity Details

On the road to representing Scotland in Boxing at the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Instagram: aurel_szilagyi

Facebook: Szilagyi Aurel

Features and Benefits

•Constant support and advertisement on Social Media Platforms
•Logo on Fight Kit
•Logo on fight Tracksuit
•Logo on training gear

Other Partners

Mental Performance Training.
Adamantine Global Security Company.


My monthly expenses are £650 all together, any small of big help would be appreciated!

Other Info

These are my achievements so far in 22 fights:

Aurel Szilagyi - Member of Boxing Scotlands Elite Boxer Group

•Scottish Open Champion
•Scottish Intermediate Champion
•Scottish Senior Elite Welterweight Finalist
•Golden Gong Welterweight Finalist in Macedonia representing Scotland
•Received Boxer of The Night Representing Scotland on a Scotland V Army dual in Catterick Army Base
•William Wallace Box Cup Welterweight Finalist
•Several Victories representing Scotland away from home
•Youth Eastern District Finalist