Ashley Haase

Sponsor Name: Oliver Haase

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Ashley Haase is looking for sponsorship to support the funds for his motorsport passion.


Ashley Haase started go karting age 6 at Brentwood Karting in their corporate karts. He moved to motorsport UK karting at age 9 competing in the Ultimate Karting Championship and the British Championships.

Even though he was initially in the top 15, he ended up finishing 29th at the British Championships in 2022 as he was unable to compete in 2 rounds due to lack of funds. This is why he needs your help to ensure he can continue challenging for three title wins this year.

Current 2023 Season Standings:

3rd – Ultimate Karting Championship

4th – Cadet Kart Championship

2nd – Whilton Mill “FastR” Championship


Target Audience

The target demographic is motorsports enthusiasts, families with children age range from 5-70

Key Dates and Timings

All three champions have already begun and there will be one round of each per month.

Specific Opportunity Details

Benefits and Rewards for Spomsors:

All races will be streamed live on YouTube via Alpha Live giving sponsors worldwide coverage and advertising.

- Company logo and contact details on race suit, t-shirts and hats etc, and on the body of the kart
- Sponsor mentions in all interviews
- online advertising and marketing via social media (currently approaching 500 followers, but growing quite quickly)
- opportunities for Ashley to attend promotional events for the Sponsor

Features and Benefits

Sponsoring Ashley can provide numerous benefits for businesses, including:

• Increased brand awareness: Sports events and teams have a massive reach and fan following, and sponsoring such events can help companies gain visibility and exposure to a wider audience.

• Improved brand image: Associating with a popular and well-respected athlete or sports team can help enhance a brand’s image and reputation. Customers may view the brand more positively and be more likely to trust and support it.

• Targeted marketing: Sports sponsorships and advertising can be used to target specific demographics, such as age, gender, and location. For example, sponsoring a young athlete can help reach families with children in a particular community.

• Enhanced customer engagement: Sponsorship and advertising opportunities often come with access to exclusive events and experiences, such as VIP tickets, meet-and-greets with athletes, and behind-the-scenes tours. These experiences can help businesses build relationships with customers and create lasting memories.

• Increased sales and revenue: Sports sponsorships and advertising can lead to increased sales and revenue by driving brand awareness. This creates customer loyalty, and generating leads and sales.

• Positive impact on society: Sports events, athletes and teams often have a significant impact on the community. Sponsoring or supporting such events can help businesses contribute to the development of the society in a positive way.

Other Partners

None yet


Below you will find the entire costing structure for the 2023 season. Though we would love to have a sponsor that will cover the entire cost, we will be more than grateful for even one set of race tyres.2023 Season Requirement List: Team Payment: £450 per championship race weekend £300 per club round weekend 10 remaining national Championship rounds = £4,500 7 remaining club rounds = £2,100 Total Team Payment Required = 6,600 Race Entries: CKC: all 6 rounds already paid UKC: 5 rounds left to pay at £175 per entry = £875 FastR: 7 rounds left to pay at £110 per entry = £770 Total Race Entry Payments Required = £1,645 New Slick Tyres: £165 per set CKC Tyres: Already paid for UKC  Tyres: 5 sets required = £825 FastR Tyres: 7 sets required = £1,155 Total Tyre Cost = £1,975 Hotel Costs: Approximately £300 per national race weekend Approximately £100 per club race weekend UKC & CKC = £3000 FastR = £700 Total Hotel Costs = £3,700 Petrol: This varies from location to location. The lowest cost for a weekend is £100 and the max is around £280 (races in Scotland, Wales, Lake district) Average of £190 × 17 races = £3,230

Other Info

Ashley is not just amazing on track but also at school. He is consistently at the top of his class and he is part of the technical club at school where he is working with 14 year olds to build an electric go kart.