Andrew Lloyd

Sponsor Name: Andrew Lloyd

Location: West Yorkshire

Sector: Darts

Budget: Under 10k

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Andrew Lloyd  is looking for sponsorship to play darts up and down the country.


As a darts player, Andrew Lloyd plays at events up and down the country. My latest outing was at the o2 arena in London, where I played in a WDF ( World Darts Federation ) event. Although I did not progress as far I liked, I did manage to achieve a top 32 in a 256 player event.

In August of 2022, I played in the WDF event at Bridlington Spa, the UK open which gave me an opportunity to play on Television. Unfortunately, I did fall short. But as a first year playing in WDF this was a great experience for myself. Since January 2022, I have also been playing ADC ( Amateur Darts Circuit ), where I have been representing Yorkshire and Humber and managed to finish 12th in the rankings, making 6 quarter Finals, 2 Semi Finals, Runner Up and Winning an event.

Established myself in 2020, whilst on lockdown, I played daily in online tournaments and manged 2 major trophies, including a World Cup and Champion of Champions.

I have 3 minor sponsorship’s, who pay for some events ( Not all ) and a full time darts manager, who is responsible for my progress, my strict routine and arranging my events. My aims and goals for 2o23 are to improve. I have a large social media following and I am currently rebranding. I have new logo, a new nickname and will soon have anew walk on song available.
By the end of the year, I will be looking to achieve more WDF events, playing and travelling abroad for events.

All, this being said. I will be looking for sponsorship, to go PDC ( Professional Darts Cooperation )Q School in January 2024 and this starts at £450 for entry. I am reaching out, as a young, enthusiastic and progressing dart player for sponsorship this year to pay for events, accommodation and travel to enable me to progress my career and reach my goal by 2024.

As you will be aware, Darts has become a very popular sport and is regarded highly by broadcasters around the world. So the right sponsors would get plenty of vision and brand awareness.
Logos, would be on my social media, website, Dart shirt and and of course visually noticed up and down the entire county. In return, I would offer substantial rewards for their sponsorship, depending on their type of sponsorship. This could include, free merchandise, cash rewards, higher brand awareness, etc….

This is my year, and I am confident of making any sponsor happy and rewarding them with a great, honest and positive attitude. I sure hope you can help.


Target Audience

Appeals to All genders and age groups

Key Dates and Timings

I am looking for a 12 month sponsorship deal and a 6 month initial sponsorship deal. These 2 sponsors will receive the most back as they will provide me with most incentive.

WDF UK OPEN - Bridlington SPA.
WDF BRITISH OPEN - London O2 Arena.
WDF WORLD OPEN - Butlins Minehead

Much Much More - Awaiting Date Confirmation.

ADC Events - Throughout the entire UK - Main Events - Newcastle Arena, Manchester Botanical Gardens & Many Many More

NOPL - Ranking Events throughout the year.

Specific Opportunity Details

I have fantastic opportunities available for the right sponsor. I have a coach who is a 3 time world champion, Darts Premier League winner and has won several major events.

I offer meet and greets with sponsorships, their staff, pupils whatever their circumstances.
I offer exhibitions for the sponsor, auctions, merchandise and all come with money rewards for the sponsor.

I currently have a social media following of over 1000 dart players and fans and growing daily, with professionals and ex professionals, semi pro players etc.

I have a dedicated space at home, where I play major ranking events online, featuring on YouTube, with sponsorship badges already on view.

Features and Benefits

Brand Awareness, Advertising on Social Media, Events and side of car, Tickets to major events Free of charge, Promoting of products ( Dependant on Sponsor )


I will be looking for a rolling monthly contract, this way I can continue to pay at events on a regular basis.