Andreea Brahariu Musteata

Sponsor Name: Andreea Brahariu Musteata

Location: Global

Sector: Womens Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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Andreea Brahariu Musteata is looking for sponsorship to support her as she aims to complete a full Club100 with future hopes to race at Le Mans.


Andreea Brahariu Musteata – I am looking for sponsors to complete a full Club100 season and also that in 5 years I will get to Le Mans- to race there in the Endurance Championship. I’m very optimistic and I’ve started karting in 2023.
Last year, I have done my first ever championship with Total Karting Zero, which I have learnt a lot, and now for the 2024 season I will be racing for club100 which is the highest level of arrive and drive racing with two stroke karts. I am looking for sponsors not only for them to help me but also for me to help them, by promoting the brand on my social accounts, eventually helping the brand grow. I do not own my own kart since I am planning that soon I will get into one sitter racing or even get to a kart racing team.

More information about myself:

I originally started indoor karting for fun. The first time when I went there it was with my best friend in 2021. One year later, I’ve asked my father if I can go again and so every weekend and I was improving every time I went there. Slowly reaching the lap record. I used to either be indoor karting at Fast Lane Karting or climbing. However, then my dad discovered an outdoor track (Daytona Tamworth), and I went there, and I drove the Sodi Kart in the rain, and it went horrible. So, then I took a break from karting/motorsport. All my hopes were shattered, but then something in my told me to try again, and again.

I’ve gradually gone from Indy karts on the Indy circuit to Sodi karts and I even got my fist win in a Sodi sprint which it was amazing since that was my first trophy. But I wanted more. I knew I could do more, so I went to get assessed at Club100.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get in on my first try because I never drove a rotax before. So, then I went back to Daytona Tamworth and got my test for D-max (I was 15 when I got my D-max license) and I’ve passed and even impressed some of the people there because I wasn’t as slow as expected and I was improving every lap. Then I went back to Club100, and I’ve passed there too.

Later, the unspoken happened, I got invited to do a round with Total Karting Zero, and they were the championship that changed me. They became like a family for me. They are amazing and I’ve raced with them the whole championship and I even got in the Nationals. Aside from TKZ I also went to Daytona Tamworth and drove on the d max when I had no races that month and I won a couple of times. In Jully-August I went to Le Mans for my birthday since I want to be and Lmp1 driver, and I went to the karting track and drove on route B Alain Prost, and I got to hold the track record. Making me the fasted female that ever went there. That is a huge milestone for me. Then I went to a Girls on Track Event, with Formula E. That was my happy place and that made me want to drive even more and push for my limits. I also got my first interview there.

Furthermore, then I drove my fist car. It was a Ginetta. I applied for the scholarship, but I didn’t get in because I didn’t have a huge budget. With me only having money for the Championship, not the practice if.(I did get in it would’ve been amazing. )
Finally, I had an online seminar with Girls On Track UK representing women of motorsport and Global Karting League. I have inspired a lot of young women or even women that are older then me to either race or work in Motorsport. This year (2024) the number for women racers at ‘GKL’ have doubled.

Overall, 2023 was one of the greatest starts of my racing career even thought until now I haven’t discovered any potential sponsors but hopefully this will change.


Target Audience

My target audience is everyone that it's an enthusiastic in motorsport.

Key Dates and Timings

Club100 Junior Super Light Championship 14 rounds key dates

Specific Opportunity Details

My dad is funding a full club100 season, and most of the races will be live on Alpha Timing, which they broadcast it live on YouTube and so the brand will be visible on my racing suit or helmet. I believe that I have potential to make a change in motorsport and to get even better in racing. If it does happen for me to get a sponsorship opportunity. I will have the chance to fund other activities in racing such as going to a local track to practice since I won't have a small limited budget anymore. I want to train so that this year I can also do an assessment for one sitter racing e.g. GB4 or endurance racing. My goal is that in 5 years I will get to race in the endurance series at Le Mans with either a Gt3 race team or an LMP race team.

Features and Benefits

I will promote the sponsor's brand on my social accounts, I have two Instagram accounts, with one of them being @carphatian.lynx_racing and @jji.njj both of my accounts are being followed by companies all over the world. On my social media, the sponsor would receive brand exposure in posts, tags, special thanks, and stories. I would promote the brand by having it on my helmet, racing suit, shirts, coats and caps. I am also planning to create a YouTube account that will have all of my races and where I will talk about how as a girl I got into motorsport.