Aldwick Cricket Club

Sponsor Name: Aldwick Cricket Club

Location: South East

Sector: Cricket, Sports

Budget: Under 10k

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Aldwick Cricket Club – From the Ashes


Aldwick Cricket Club are looking for a main sponsor to go on our new shirts alongside our new badge and potentially on/in our brand new clubhouse in what is a major turning point for our nearly 70 year old club.

After a devastating fire left us clinging onto life with no clubhouse, you are able to see more on this matter over on this website – (, Aldwick Cricket Club are ready to step our regeneration into the next gear and are searching for a corporate sponsor to help us do just that.

We are a local team full of members of the local community. We have both male and female players and the age range stretches from 12 year olds all the way to those in their 70’s. We have received a lot of local press coverage and any company who decided they’d like to help us would receive publicity via photos and match reports within the local press.

Target Audience

Club members mainly Male, 18-49 but all have family members of varying sexes and ages involved within the club.

Key Dates and Timings

We would like to be sponsored for the 2019 season which runs from April through to September. However, we would be happy to extend this should it be wanted.

Specific Opportunity Details

Local exposure in location of Cricket club and local press.

Features and Benefits

The main benefit would be the local exposure and the opportunity to invest in the local community

Other Partners

We have previously been sponsored by a variety of local sponsors. We currently play in the Sussex Cricket League which is sponsored by First Central insurance.


We are looking for approximately £1000 for a seasons shirt sponsorship but both the fee and the level of sponsorship are negotiable.

Other Info

More information over on this website