Ahuramazda vex team

Sponsor Name: Elias Slingsby

Location: South East

Sector: Education


Social Links

We are a vex robotics team competing in the south east of England and we would like you to sponsor us and help us reach the international competition. Our team would need a financial investment and in return we will be able to include your company on our robot and team kits. And also with an option for posts on any social media account our team decides to run and you will be able to have an input on what we would post for your company. Additionally the school will feature the company on their website and newsletter as well as us featuring you on our website and engineering notebook.

Key Dates and Timings

our first competition is 29/09/2024 and we would need to purchase what we need a few months prior to this

Specific Opportunity Details

we are a vex team ran by 6 year 10 students at the langton. we will be competing in vex vrc this year and require some parts and team shirts to help us succeed. there is also the opportunity to come to some of the competitions to see us compete and promote your company.

Features and Benefits

for sponsoring us we will include your company on our robot and team shirts. additionally we will post about the company on our social medias and youtube, as well as being featured in the schools website and newsletter. we can also give the opportunity to have a display in our pit at the ompetitions.

Other Partners