A&G Motorsports

Sponsor Name: Dean Widdowson


Sector: Motor Sport, Track

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

A&G Motorsports are looking for sponsorship to be able to help them race.


A&G Motorsports – I currently race a Kramer in the supermono GB class and I’m looking for sponsorship to help me be able to race. Any donation would be highly appreciated and in a return there would be stickers on my bike of your company logo and also shoutouts on social media. In addition to this all sponsors will be invited to all the racing circuits that we are racing at and there will be hospitality put on by the race team. All of the hospitality and tickets to see the racing will be free to any sponsor that would like to help.


Target Audience

The club that I currently race for has people aged from 16 all the way up to people who are around 85.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship I am looking for can be as little as just 1 year but it can also be a long term sponsorship.

Specific Opportunity Details

There is currently an A&G motorsports page that would constantly promote your business online. It would give shoutouts and praise your works that you do. I myself will also post on my social media accounts to boost the amount of people viewing your business. I am currently a young racer who is going to struggle to race next year to pay for my own racing and any sponsorship would be massively appreciated.

Features and Benefits

Anyone who sponsors me will get there company logo or name put onto my bike and will get promotion through myself. All sponsors will be invited to all rounds I take part in and will get free tickets with free hospitality. If any company has any products that they are promoting I will be able to promote them at the race events and tell people about your service.

Other Partners

I currently have a sponsor called ARN for my race leathers. I have worked very close with this company and have made them become very well known. I have promoted their company and gave tickets to allow them to come to the events. I have handed out leaflets to people and spoke to them explaining what the company offers.


Any donation would be appreciated.