Africa Eco Race

Sponsor Name: Stephanie Rowe

Location: South West

Sector: Motor Sport, Womens Sport

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Stephanie Rowe is looking for sponsorship to support her as she takes on the Africa Eco Race at the end of the year.


My project is to take on the AFRICA ECO RACE at the end of December, I am aiming to race in the category ‘Malle Moto’ that means without any mechanical assistance team – just me, my motorcycle and my toolbox.

So far no woman has completed this race without assistance. I am aiming to be the first to do so.

Since I started riding my dream has always been the ultimate challenge The Dakar Rally.

Unfortunately due to a very bad accident in 2013 my plans for Dakar were put on hold and I was not even sure if I could ride again as doctors told me that even walking again would always be painful. However I defied the doctors expectations and following 7 surgeries including bone grafts in 2017 I began racing again – taking on my first Rally.

I have been building my experience in rally racing for the last 6 years and I now aim to tackle the original style Dakar – The Africa Eco Race.

I have always raced in the ‘malle moto’ style, I like the added challenge to keep my bike going and enjoy doing the mechanics myself.

The Africa Eco Race is a 15 day gruelling rally takes place on the 30th December and starts in Monaco finishing over 6500km later in Senegal – Dakar, crossing the deserts and mountains of North Africa.

My aim is complete this rally in ‘malle moto’ that means with no assistance team. Just myself racing the day and then doing my own mechanics in the night and sleeping in a tent before doing it all again the next day.

I am looking for sponsors to join me on this amazing adventure, the budget I need is £15,000 – this could be from one main partner of 2/3 partners.

By partnering with me in the Africa Eco Race’s Malle Moto category, your brand can benefit from increased visibility, aligning with a message of diversity and resilience, and reaching a dedicated global motorsport and adventure-seeking audience. My unique journey from an underprivileged background and recovery from a life-changing accident provides a compelling narrative that can inspire and motivate a broad audience, portraying your brand as one that supports individuals who strive for excellence.


Target Audience

The Africa Eco Race appeals to a wide range of individuals who are passionate about motorsports, adventure, and personal triumph. My story particularly resonates with a diverse demographic, including men and women aged 18-45, as it promotes gender diversity in motorsport. This event draws an audience that values determination, overcoming adversity, and pushing boundaries.

Key Dates and Timings

Sat, Dec 30, 2023 – Sun, Jan 14, 2024

Specific Opportunity Details

I have a strong online presence with a growing fan base. On social media, I have a combined following of 47,700 on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Partnering with me provides the opportunity for your brand to be prominently displayed on my motorcycle during the Africa Eco Race. Additionally, I can create custom content and promotional materials to highlight your brand's involvement. This partnership offers exposure to a diverse audience interested in motorsports and personal resilience, making it a compelling opportunity for a potential sponsor.

Features and Benefits

As a sponsor, you can expect a comprehensive package that includes prominent branding on my motorcycle during the Africa Eco Race, as well as on my website and social media platforms. Your brand will gain exposure in pre-race promotional materials and post-race media coverage. Additionally, we can collaborate on custom content creation, such as blog posts, videos, and interviews, to showcase your brand's involvement. I am also happy to discuss talking at corporate events.

Other Partners

Michelin Tyres


Various partnership opportunities available, ranging from £1,000 to £15,000

Other Info

Financial support would be immensely valuable in helping me realize my goal for The Africa Eco Race. As one of the few women, I recognise the heightened media attention that female racers receive. By supporting me, you not only contribute to my personal journey but also to a broader narrative of diversity and empowerment within the rally world.