AEUK Riding Clubs

Sponsor Name: Amie Foster

Location: Midlands

Sector: Equestrian

Budget: 10k - 50k

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AEUK Riding Clubs are looking for sponsorship as they hope to expand their clubs further.


AEUK Riding Clubs offer supporting, welcoming riding clubs for all levels of riders and horses. We offer competitions, training and clinics. We are especially made for Grassroots level. The best thing about our clubs compared to others is we have 3 Locations, so our sponsors could benefit not just from one location but 3. We are wanting to expand and also have more clubs in more locations. All of our clubs are run on a surface and we run at venues with indoor and outdoor schools, so this means we can run ALL YEAR round. We also have a big championship at the end of the year.


Target Audience

ALL Ages.

Key Dates and Timings

Our events run ALL year round apart from DEC-JAN

Specific Opportunity Details

We have 3 Locations, all run at venues with indoor and outdoor schools, this means we are able to run all year round rather then just a season period like most clubs do. This means our potential sponsor will all year advertising from us. Our locations are based in Staffordshire, Dronfield and Derby. We plan to open a 4th venue going into 2024.

All of our clubs have their own facebook page, our derby club having over 700 followers. We have a total of over 100 members which people joining each club show. Our clubs are run once a month each, so we have a club running 3 out of 4 weeks. Our clubs are run by a BHS Stage 4 Coach, who also has over 1k followers.

We are very friendly supportive clubs and want to offer professional clubs but also offering training and learning at the same time, this especially important as most of our members are the younger generation. We are professional to work with and our sponsors would be treated as professionally as we treat our clubs, venues and members.

Features and Benefits

Advertising on our websites, social media, Clothing, Schedules, Rosettes and Sashes, banners, leaflets

Other Partners

We have no sponsors at present.


To discuss with potential sponsor - as we have a few ideas but happy to see what is offered.