Adam Dowling – Pool Tournaments

Sponsor Name: Adam Dowling

Location: South East

Sector: Snooker

Budget: Budget Varies

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Adam Dowling is looking for a sponsor to support his pool tournaments.


Adam Dowling – Pool Tournaments: I play English pool to a high amateur standard. I’ve won over £800 in prize money from 3 separate competitions over the last 3 months with a profit margin of 300%. I’d be looking to split any winnings 50/50. I would wear the sponsor logo on all my pool tops that I wear to all competitions across Hampshire. Games are streamed and watched by thousand’s across multiple platforms.


Target Audience

Very mixed age range, genders. Anyone that loves pool.

Key Dates and Timings

Every other week every month..The is no limit or timeframe. My next event is 18/03/22 at the Gosport Pool Arena. £480 prize money. So this would be split 50/50. £240 each.

Specific Opportunity Details

I play multiple competitions a month across Hampshire. Possibly further out depending on prize money and so on. I have a small online following. The sponsor mainly to be displayed on all my shirts and tagged in any online posts I make when posting videos and so on.

Features and Benefits

Main sponsor on chest/back of shirt, tagged in al social media posts, on my pool case. Would be seen by thousands online, at the event and while travelling back and forth.

Other Partners

I have my home club Rocket Ronnie's on my shirt, also the company that produce my cue is on my shirt.


If the opportunity for the tournament entry fee was to be covered, I that would benefit me greatly. Usually £20-£50 is the standard amount.