Actonian Ladies Football Club

Sponsor Name: Actonians Ladies FC

Location: London

Sector: Football, Womens Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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Actonian Ladies Football Club – teams from under U8’s through to U16’s


We are Actonian Girls part of Actonian Ladies Football Club. We are currently looking to replace our team kit for the 2020/2021 season starting in September 2020.

We use the kit twice a week at training in Acton and during matches across London & Middlesex. We have several teams and will have U16’s, U15’s, U14’s, U13’s, U12’s, U11’s, U10’s & U9’s from September 2020. So our kit gets passed down throuh the ages and we would expect to use it within the club for several years.

At this point we are seeking sponsorship for a fully printed (including your sponsorship) kit to cost approx £350 pere team. You can choose to sponser one team or even the whole Club. if you were interested in sponsoring more of our girls then we would welcome a chat.

Target Audience

Acton, West London W3 – Acton and or West London Businesses

Key Dates and Timings

Kits & traning wear for the 2020/2021 season onwards

Specific Opportunity Details

Sponsor one team for £350 (full kit) or for a wider coverage sponsor more than one team or even all of our girls teams!!

Features and Benefits

We are a local (Acton, West London) community based football team who welcome all girls and at all ages and levels of ability. It is great that the girls game is growing and growing quickly, so if you want to be sponsoring a local, community based girls football cub then we would welcome your call.

Other Partners

None at this time


£350 buys a kit for one of our teams or £750 buys us a kit and tracksuit tops, all with your business name upon it (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

Other Info

If you want more details or are interested in sponsoring a passionate and growing band of young ladies, then please call me.