2023 English Youth Leeway Cup

Sponsor Name: Creso Bulcao

Location: UK National

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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Leeway Sport International are seeking sponsorship for their 2023 English Youth Leeway Cup event.


2023 English Youth Leeway Cup – Leeway Sport International and its registered entity in the UK, The Leeway Sport Company Limited wants to plan, organize and hold youth sport events playing it’s sport modality: Leeway. It does resemble football BUT it has a different field, set of rules and more importantly a very different dynamic. These events will happen this year, each event will have 4 teams playing Saturday and Sunday with a final winner on the Sunday in a very simple and straight forward format. Because of its resemblance with football, it will definitely draw a great deal of curiosity and interest from the football fan community, just like Leeway Sport International You Tube channel is having.


Target Audience

Football Fans of all ages. More notably between the ages of 18 and 44. But overall, all age groups have shown considerable interest and curiosity to learn about and visit our channel, watch our short videos and rapidly learn the sport.

Key Dates and Timings

There are no specific dates yet, but we are anticipating for SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER of 2023.

We are looking for Sponsors that will help strictly with the basic costs for the execution of the event: Rental of the Field, youth players pay, support personnel pay (Trainer/ Doctors, Referees). And other required safety & insurance coverage.

We do NOT aim to collect any profit from these promotional events. They will be streamed as well. So, sponsors will have ONSITE visibility and ONSCREEN.

Again, it will be on Sat & Sun as the players are Youth / College students. And we are aiming to pay a stipend to the players on a HOURLY BASIS. These players do not need to have high skill level, but simply be able to play with a ball and their feet. In other words, have the technical skill set to play Football. We have representatives in MANCHESTER, UK.

Features and Benefits

Sponsors will have their company logo and names shown during the steaming and will be visible onsite.
Also, other arrangements can be made onsite depending on the industry of the sponsor. For example, we can set up stands where their products or services are demonstrated by their representatives> coupons, cards, flyers, etc can be given to those attending interested to learn about. We will promote actual "activation" activities.

Other Partners

We are in contact with Unicef to collaborate with them in fundraising events of which our sponsors are welcome to participate with their brands as well.


We will accept both cash for the rental fee, players pay, and other direct costs. But also welcome from company which has products or services they can offer us: Equipment kit, Apparel, Sport/ Electrolyte Drinks, Insurance Coverage, ETC. A minimum sum of 3 (three) thousand GB pounds is acceptable per sponsor as our costs will not be very high.