Gazelles Off Road Team Secure Sponsorship from Eurospare

Gazelles Off Road Team

Gazelles Off Road Team Secure Sponsorship from Eurospare

The Gazelles Off Road Team are thrilled to announce their latest sponsorship deal with Eurospare thanks to Sponsor Seeker. This partnership marks an exciting chapter for the all-female team, renowned for their participation in off-road endurance 4×4 rally raids with their reliable Land Rover vehicles.

About Eurospare

Eurospare is a leading company specializing in a comprehensive range of certified spare parts for Jaguar and Land Rover cars. Their extensive inventory covers every aspect of JLR maintenance and repair, from engine components to suspension systems, electrical parts to body components. This sponsorship ensures that the Gazelles have access to top-quality parts, keeping their vehicles in peak condition for their grueling competitions.


About the Gazelles Off Road Team

The Gazelles Off Road Team consists of experienced and passionate women who have made a name for themselves in the challenging world of off-road endurance rallying. Their partnership with Sponsor Seeker was crucial in finding additional sponsors to support their endeavors. The team not only aims to excel in their sport but also focuses on humanitarian causes, making a positive impact beyond the race tracks.

With Eurospare’s support, the Gazelles Off Road Team is better equipped to tackle the demanding rallies ahead and continue their journey of empowerment and excellence in off-road racing. This collaboration is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in achieving both sporting and philanthropic goals.


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