Cheshire Schools FA secure kit sponsorship

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Cheshire Schools FA secure kit sponsorship

VMR Travel has proudly announced its sponsorship of the training kits for Cheshire Schools FA, marking a significant contribution to local youth football. This partnership exemplifies VMR Travel’s commitment to supporting sports at the grassroots level and nurturing young talent within the community.

A representative from VMR Travel expressed their enthusiasm for the sponsorship, stating, “We wanted to get involved in helping kids here in the UK who were involved in sports. As we have offices based in Manchester, we looked at how we could contribute at grassroots level to our local soccer community – which is when we started searching for ways to sponsor local youth football teams.”

Their search led them to Sponsor Seeker, a platform that connects potential sponsors with sports teams in need of support. “We did a simple word search in Google ‘sponsor a football team’ and Sponsor Seeker was the obvious choice for us to pursue. Easy to navigate and find the best fit for us – followed by great communication from all we have come into contact with – leading us to the Cheshire Schools FA.”

VMR Travel is eagerly anticipating the debut of the new training kits and hopes to attend some of the games to witness firsthand the impact of their sponsorship. “Really looking forward to seeing the finished Training Kit – and hopefully be able to attend some games,” the representative added.

This sponsorship not only highlights VMR Travel’s dedication to fostering local sports but also underscores the effectiveness of platforms like Sponsor Seeker in facilitating meaningful connections between sponsors and teams. Through such collaborations, companies like VMR Travel can make a tangible difference in their communities, supporting the development of young athletes and enriching the local sports landscape.


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