Sponsor Seeker secures sponsorship for Chars Youth football team

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Sponsor Seeker secures sponsorship for Chars Youth football team

Enchanted Escapes Travel transforms Chars Youth Football Club with generous sponsorship thanks to Sponsor Seeker


In a game-changing move for Chars Youth Football Club, Enchanted Escapes Travel has stepped up to sponsor the team’s kit and equipment needs.

The dedicated efforts of  Sponsor Seeker paid off, as this collaboration not only provides essential financial support but also cements a community-focused alliance.

Enchanted Escapes Travel’s sponsorship has allowed Chars FC U9’s to have a new kit as well as the equipment they desperately needed.


When we asked Chars FC for a few words on their experience this is what they had to say:

“Running a successful football team is a lot of hard work and it’s certainly not cheap. Many do not realise the costs we incur behind the scenes, there’s our kit, venue hire for training, equipment costs to cover balls, cones, bibs and other training equipment, referee’s fees for every home game and various admin fees as players arrive and leave, it all adds up. Often players subs barely cover these costs and we can be left with a bit of a cash flow problem. So I decided to look for a sponsor. I’d put messages out on our socials and sent speculative emails to local businesses but was getting nowhere. That’s when I discovered Sponsor Seeker. It literally took just a few minutes to register and within a few days we had received an enquiry from a perspective sponsor! AMAZING!!! In no time at all we linked up with Steve Demou at Enchanted Escapes Travel and we were able to get our new u9 Greens team their kit and training equipment.”


This is just one of the many times Sponsor Seeker has helped to connect a business with the community.

If you are looking to Sponsor or in need of one, do not hesitate to get in touch.