Wilmslow Hockey Club secures sponsorship through Sponsor Seeker

Wilmslow Hockey Club

Wilmslow Hockey Club secures sponsorship through Sponsor Seeker

Business Support Centre agrees sponsorship deal with Wilmslow Hockey Club


Through the services of Sponsor Seeker, Wilmslow Hockey Club have secured a sponsorship deal with the Business Support Centre.

Business Support Centre expressed their satisfaction towards Sponsor Seeker, stating, “We found the site really easy to use. As a business, we pride ourselves on helping support businesses looking for that additional sponsorship.”

This partnership reflects a smooth collaboration, both sharing a goal to support community initiatives.


Business Support Centre will gain significant benefits of sponsorship through the enhanced brand visibility and exposure that it provides to the sponsoring entity.

By associating with a sponsored event, team, or cause, sponsors can reach a broader audience and increase brand recognition, leading to potential customer engagement and loyalty.


This is just one of the many times Sponsor Seeker have helped to connect businesses with the community.

If you are looking to Sponsor or in need of one, do not hesitate to get in touch.